Comparing Sleeping Beauty And Basile's Sun, Talia

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For centuries, the story of “Sleeping Beauty” have been told in multiple variations and have evolved over many generations; it is recognized all around the world. The plotline is as follows: the girl or princess is cursed by an evil source to fall into deep slumber, and is only awoken through true love’s kiss, which is usually performed by a prince. Every rendition of the fairy tale delineates a male adopting the savior role and the vulnerable female in need of saving. All the versions I’m familiar with consists of pleasant events until I unearthed Giambattista Basile’s “Sun, Moon, Talia.” Within encompasses violence, cannibalism, and rape, which greatly differs from the variations I am acquainted with. I was inspired the dark themes and wanted to further explore them, hence my selection to adapt and revise Basile’s version. Despite the alarming discrepancies, there is the ever existing inequal portrayal of male and female; this ultimately drove my decision …show more content…
In addition, there are mentions of depression as well as finding the strength to become independent and strong. In the original version, the Cook contradicts the Queen’s wishes and helps Talia and her children. I endowed this role to David, who in some sense represents the Prince; he plays a crucial role in Agalia’s rehabilitation. Furthermore, the theme of seeking independence is aimed to portray females as equals to males, in which Agalia’s ultimate recovery exhibits her fortitude to overcome a distressing experience. This is once again perceivable when Agalia suffers the loss of David, but does not spiral back into her dark state of mind, and instead perseveres and looks towards the

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