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  • Theme And Symbols In The Oryx Multicultural Folktale Series: Cinderella

    My topic for the research paper will be on The Oryx Multicultural Folktale Series: Cinderella by Judy Sierra. This anthology has 24 versions of the Cinderella folktale from around the world, representing a broad range of cultures, geographical areas, styles, and variations on a basic premise. For this research essay, I plan on contrasting the themes and symbols between some of the stories as well as on how the cultures play a role in them. One of my comparisons would probably include Disney’s…

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  • Once Upon A Mattress Analysis

    The Princess and The Pea By: Lily MacNeil-Kitscher and Madolyn Hodges “A princess is a delicate and dainty thing” sings the prince’s over-protective mother in the story “Once Upon a Mattress,” a version of the fairytale Princess and the Pea. The Princess and the Pea is a story about a prince who is looking to marry, but he will only marry the most sensitive woman that he can find, because only the most sensitive woman is a true princess. This story has been adapted by many authors and…

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  • Discrimination In Langston Hughes The Negro Speaks Of Rivers

    The meaning of discrimination is unfair or damaging treatment of a difference in people or object does to the race, age or sex. As in the poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes where he explains his path and knowledge of rivers. The speaker is a member of a slavery making him part of African community and faces racism in American, when “Abe Lincoln went down to New Orleans,” traveling the Mississippi river. (Hughes) The speaker in the poem seems to be telling a story for example,…

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  • Into The Woods Play Analysis

    The musical Into the Woods, by Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics) and James Lapine (book) is a compilation of fairytales with a unique twist of life’s hard lessons after getting what you “wished” for. The play’s main story line is composed of well-known fairytales such as: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack and the bean stock. These fairytales are all intertwined in order to help the protagonist (the baker) collect all the ingredients the witch has asked for in order for…

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  • Comparing Rapunzel With The Movie Adaptation Tangled

    This essay is about comparing the fairy tale of "Rapunzel" with the movie adaptation Tangled. The different clothing, the characters and the different settings are going to be compared. "Rapunzel" is a fairy tale from the XVII century, about a girl who has spent her entire life trapped in a tower since she was kidnapped by an old lady witch. Rapunzel is very famous for having her long blonde hair, and because she "let down her hair" to the prince to scape her tower. In the movie there were…

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  • Essay On Facial Physiognomy

    Facial Physiognomy: Relationship Between Physical Characteristics And Personality One’s personality and characteristics both come through nurture and nature; it is both innate and shaped by the society and everyday interactions. Due to the fact that it is innate and biological, it is possible to think that other innate characteristics can predict personality. For example, one’s physical characteristics might be a factor that determines his personality. Physiognomy, as Britannica Encyclopedia…

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  • Carmen Narayan Gaite's Three Fairy Tales

    Introduction This dissertation examines three fairy tales by Carmen Martín Gaite with the objective to show how the author has contributed to reform the fairy tale genre from the point of view of a child. Since most fairy tales have been written and interpreted from an adult’s superior standpoint, the child’s psychological and emotional evolution has never been fully analyzed. Martín Gaite, through this genre, focuses in depth on a child’s learning processes when growing up, and how it is…

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  • Jack And The Jar Of Cream Analysis

    The North American Märchen arrived on the shores of America in multiple families and was spread from generation to generation and from community to community as the families spread out and migrated. Debates may exist whether North American Märchen migrated from the Appalachians to the Ozarks or if European settlers into the Ozarks brought the Märchen with them from Europe. Margaret Read McDonald, noted folklorist and lifetime children’s librarian shares the history of the Ozarks with the…

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