Analysis Of Cinderella By Anne Sexton

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Most people have read or heard of the stories of Cinderella or saw a movie of the traditional princess story which always seems to have the same cliché “happily ever after ending.” In the poem “Cinderella,” written by Anne Sexton, she switches up the old-fashioned mythical story by adding in a touch of mockery and telling the story with her sense of reality. Sexton’s sarcastic tone being used in the poem causes the readers to identify and get a sense of the message the version of her story gives. The use of the satirical undertone and added wit gives life to the poem and changes the reader’s expectations of the traditional story. Anne Sexton modernizes the Cinderella story and uses irony to poke fun of the fairytale in order to change the audience’s views on the myth of always living happily ever after. Anne Sexton’s tone used in the poem helps carry her approach to changing the story to be more in tune with reality rather than feeding the audience the endless idea of a fairytale ending.
The poem begins with an unforeseen non-traditional four short stories of people going from rags to riches, “You always read about it: / the plumber with twelve children who wins the Irish sweepstakes. / From toilets to riches. / That story” (1). Anne Sexton uses a cynical tone
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This poem exposes the concepts that have been passed along through for years though the different variations of Cinderella or fairytale stories in general that don’t actually happen in the real world. Anne Sexton depicts the fairytale from the real world in her poem by showing and demonstrating to the audience the fabricated ideas that are conveyed in fairytale stories. This poem follows along with certain pieces of the original story, but is more of a humorous poem in which Sexton’s goal is to let the readers know, fairytale stories are far from

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