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  • A Cheesecake Like A Dream Analysis

    A Cheesecake like a dream Movie by:and recipe + kitada:design Recipe by:Hidesue Yamada (and recipe) The etymology of the Japanese word "Yume(夢: dream)" comes from the word “Ime(寝目),” consisting of "I(寝: to sleep)" and "Me(目: to see)." It is said that the word was firstly used during the Heian period, as a metaphor for the Hakanasa(儚さ: transient). Furthermore, Hakanai(儚い) means that a person dreamed, which shows the sentiment value of the Japanese. In western countries, on the other hand, the…

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  • Robert Stromberg's Maleficent: A Theory Of Adaptation

    Maleficent: changing points of view An adaptation is a retelling of an original text. However, as stated by Linda Hutcheon in her A Theory of Adaptation, the final product (the adaptation) is an entirely autonomous derivation, and its aim is to either keep a story alive, or tell the story in a different way (2006: 9). As most fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty is a straightforward example of reinterpreting a story in order for it to never die. This classic tale has been the source of inspiration for…

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  • Compare And Contrast A Man Called Horse And A Sound Of Thunder

    Short Story Essay Dragons, witches, princess and knights. These are the imaginary friends in so many children's lives. For young adults, those fairy tale characters give way to darker characters and more realistic situations. However, what do they all have in common? They live in short stories. Two short stories that are, interesting are "A Man Called Horse" by Dorothy M. Johnson and "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury. The protagonist in "A Man Called Horse" leaves his wealthy family in…

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  • Comparison Of Cinderella And Cinderella In Jane Eyre

    In the book “Victorian Transformations: Fairy Tales, Adolescence and the novel of female development” several critics have seen Jane Eyre as a rewriting story of the Cinderella and the beginning of the book especially supports this view. To begin with, Robert K. Martin believes that the Cinderella’s theme is especially apparent in the first chapters of the novel, "as Jane Eyre emphasizes her own position as abandoned child, with evil aunt and two [sic] evil cousins, whose parentage is…

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  • Compare And Contrast Two Versions Of A Cinderella Story

    Cinderella is perhaps one of the most famous childhood fairy tale stories of all time. Over the years, numerous versions of the story have been recreated and have been told to children all over the world. The original story of Cinderella follows the life of a young girl who is mistreated by her step mother and stepsisters. With the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella is transformed into a beautiful princess and goes to the ball to meet her prince. However, she has to leave the ball at…

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  • The Yant's House Character Analysis

    Many of the short stories in Elizabeth McCracken’s HERE’S YOUR HAT WHAT’S YOUR HURRY (1993) contain characters so abnormal that they are seen in circus sideshows. However, the author’s focus is on the response of ordinary people to their encounters with the extraordinary. The subject of McCracken’s first novel is the same, but the approach is different. THE GIANT’S HOUSE is appropriately subtitled “A Romance.” Not only is it a story of romantic love, but it is also the kind of fiction which,…

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  • The Gold Tree Analysis

    TITLE OF FAIRY TALE: Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree (Scottish version of Snow White) Hero/Heroine: Gold-tree, the daughter of a king. Adversary: Silver-tree, wife of the king and Gold-tree’s mother. Hero/Heroine's enviable characteristics: Beauty. Testing of characters: Silver-tree decided to kill Gold-tree and eat her heat and liver after being told by a trout that Gold-tree is the most beautiful in the kingdom. Magical creatures? Talking trout living in a well, a poisoned stab kills Gold tree, yet…

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  • Charles Perrault's Red Riding Hood

    Charles Perrault, as I perceive his version of the tale of Red Riding Hood, among other variations of this tale that most of us have heard, is probably one of the first tales introducing a new literary genre. He derives his moral intentions laid out in his story from the pre-existing folk tales taught in a translation to frighteningly prepare readers for the events that commonly were suspected to be taking place. The way it was told by Perrault seems to be less of a gruesome tale, though it was…

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  • The Influence Of Jakob And Wilhelm Grimm In Fairy Tales

    Brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm were and nineteenth century scholars known for their work in fairy tails such as Rapunzel and Cinderella. Both brothers were born in Hanau, Germany, Jakob in the year 1785 and Wilhelm following in 1786. In the year 1798 their father died, leaving their mother and her six children including the brothers to move in with their grandfather and aunt. Thanks to their aunt Jakob and Wilhelm were able to join a highly ranked high school called ‘The Friedrichgymnasium’ in…

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  • Russian And French Cinderella Mentor Analysis

    Some mentors are better than others, whether it be fairy godmothers, trees, or even cows! Some can be Good or evil and living or nonliving.The mentor is different throughout all cultures and it reveals how that culture does things differently than others. The mentors are also very different from the French and Russian Cinderella stories. Social necessities are what dictate the mentors. It shows how the people act and how the different social classes are supposed to act. The Russian and the…

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