The Little Mermaid Movie Analysis

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Plot Structure of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, a fairytale that is made by a Danish author named Hans Christian Andersen is different than the film that we all know and love, which is adapted by Disney. The Disney version of the story has a happier and lighter tone so that it would fit their audience. The version that was created by Hans Christian Andersen has a slightly darker ending.

So here is how the original version of The Little Mermaid goes. From the story, the Little Mermaid has no name and is 10 years old. She has 5 older sisters and all of them are the daughters of the Sea King. They live under the sea surface and are only allowed to swim up the surface when they hit the age of 15. The Little Mermaid always dreamed what it would be like to have a human soul and wished to be a human.

One day when she turned 15 years old, she swam up the surface to see the world above her. She looked around her and saw a ship. She saw a sight that she couldn’t keep her eyes off. It was the prince that she was staring at, she suddenly fell in love with him. Suddenly a storm came on, winds and waves knocked over the ship. Without thinking, the Little Mermaid swam to rescue the prince. The Little Mermaid left him in the ashore. The prince
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Some people argue that the story has a happy ending because she ended up getting a soul which is one of her wishes. Others argue that it has a horrible and cruel ending because she didn’t end up being with the person she was so in love with and also because she ended up killing herself. Some people say the story has an anti-feminism value because in the story the Little Mermaid was treated badly and is portrayed as a weak woman. While other people say that the main point of the story is sacrificing yourself for someone you truly love. But some people felt that the ending was to manipulate children into behaving

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