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  • Essay On Stepfamilies

    consider that roughly 4 million children are living with a biological parent and a stepparent who are married (Cherlin p.407). Stepfamilies are growing in popularity throughout our society through the rising rate of divorce and those parents remarrying. A stepfamily consists of “a household in which two adults are married or cohabitating and at least one has a child present from a previous marriage or relationship” (Judge 2015). It is hard to generalize the composition of stepfamilies because they are complex. No two stepfamilies are the same. Stepfamilies are hard for the each member of the family and they take months even years to get accustomed too. The traditions and roles of everyone in the family often…

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  • Essay On Blended Families

    along with new family members, did they adjust well, or fail? As reported by Brody, Neubaum, and Forehand (1998) one half to two thirds of who divorce will remarry within 3-5 years. Even more research shows that divorce is higher in second marriages compared to first time marriages (Booth & Edwards, 1992). Therefore, its no surprise we see a lot of blended families. Combining a new family with new siblings, and parent’s figures can be a daunting task, you don’t always know what to expect.…

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  • Family Systems Theory Stepfamilies

    Many different theories of family therapy can be used to help stepfamilies. A combination of theories may also be used to help stepfamilies attending therapy. To find the correct theory stepfamilies’ presenting problem would be important to assess. Building solidarity in the family would be an important place to start. Building solidarity can be done through the family systems theory. The family systems theory was introduced by Dr. Murray Bowen. Individuals cannot be understood in isolation from…

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  • Life Lessons Learned In The Film Cinderella

    Cinderella was treated like a servant, but she wanted to go to the royal ball and she was determined to get there. When she first asked to go with her stepfamily to the royal ball, they were very mean to her, her stepsisters ruined the dress that Cinderella made herself and they told her she was not allowed to go to the royal ball. After they ruined her dress Cinderella was still brave enough to take a chance, she rode to the royal ball in a pumpkin carriage. She was willing to sneak behind her…

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  • Sibling Rivalry: A Case Study Of Cinderella

    hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No rest and no comfort. She had to work hard all day. That’s an example of child cruelty/physical abuse. Some stepparents are not as mean as Cinderella’s stepmother was. Research says Physical child abuse has been recognized and briefly studied since it was first acknowledged as a social problem over some years back; in fact the part of stepparent-stepchild physical abuse is really restricted and has been given very little attention. Study on…

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  • How Cinderella Changed

    Cinderella was a stepdaughter, and her stepmother was sure to remind her of that. Cinderella was treated unfairly and very poorly. In fact her stepfamily treated her like a slave not at all like a family. Often Cinderella was left in tears after an encounter with the new family. Cinderella was so much better than them, she was human unlike the others who were two faced. While the other two sisters got to go out and have fun Cinderella was left at home scrubbing floors and tending to…

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  • Essay On Step Family Families

    While Step-families are not a new term, step families in the military takes a different meaning. I have seen some families navigated it like pros where the children are the main concern of everyone, as well as those that have to handled it not as gracefully. Going into a family as the “outsiders” it’s hard to always to make it a smooth transition, let alone adding moves and deployments to the mix. The important key to successfully join two families is to have open communication and…

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  • Mise En-Clot In The Disney Film Version Of Cinderella

    One particular mise-en-scène that was one of the most important in this Disney film version of “Cinderella” is the costume. Anyone who has not seen the film, or has never heard of any version of the story of Cinderella would be able to tell who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist. A costume could speak a lot of words, whether the author describes what they are wearing or not, film adaptation could portray a character’s personality more with their costume. A costume is not just their…

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  • Stepfamilies: The New Normalization Of Divorce

    other immensely to feeling nothing for each other is confusing for any kid to watch. I know there is no instruction manual on how marriage is supposed to go or how to raise kids but back in the day people stayed together despite their differences. I think that everyone deserves to be happy but marriage is a commitment and should not be given up on as easy as it seems like some people do. Stepfamilies have also become a new normal in society. I’ve seen first hand the good and the bad that those…

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  • Analysis Of Crazy Brave By Joy Harjo

    Crazy Brave is a memoir written by Native American poet and artist Joy Harjo. In this memoir Harjo recollects and evaluates a number of pivotal moments, which occur during her life, that altered her identity as well as how she saw the world around her. Many of these moments occur in the first two sections of the book entitled “East” and “West”. These moments include, but are not limited to, when she is playing with bees and is stung as a young girl, when her mother forces her to put on a…

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