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  • The Abject Materialization Of It By Stephen King

    The novel It by Stephen King tells the story of The Losers Club, a group of kids (and later on adults) who band together to defeat the evil living in their town of Derry who calls Itself Pennywise the Clown but is dubbed ‘It’ by those who fear it. This essay aims to explore the possibility that the fictional town of Derry is an abject materialization of the monster ‘It’. The fears and horrors Its victims suffer are reflections of the anxieties of living in a small town at the times the story is set, late 1950s and mid 1980s. Pennywise represents anxieties faced by children and adults in the two different time periods, which is represented through the narrative presented by King. Additionally, Derry is a physiological representation of Pennywise,…

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  • The Shining And It By Stephen King Analysis

    Stephen King’s novels The Shining and It are incredible examples of the exploitation of children in the 20th century horror-gothic genre. As American cultural historian David Skal notes, King’s novels “brim with fantasies of sacrificial children” (1993: 362). In The Shining and It, children play a significant role as victims who are being threatened by terrifying monsters. These monsters take very different forms but are nonetheless horrifying. The presence of the child in King’s novels must be…

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  • The Green Mile Stephen King Analysis

    masterful storytelling all put into one author. Stephen King is a classic American author, who wrote the famous book and movie, The Green Mile. From wanting to start off as a school teacher to ending up being one of the America’s best selling authors, Stephen King wrote one of the most interesting horror books of all time. In The Green Mile, Stephen King, like most of his books, added mystery and suspense. Mysticism is when people use explainable things that are deemed to be magic. Stephen…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Body By Stephen King

    Stephen King is one of the most respected novelists in America. Aside from his horrifying novels King has a vast variety of short stories, which has inspired countless films. There is a certain selection of short stories that has revealed Stephen King’s view of Americans as a whole, a reoccurring theme that represents his view of Americans is that each individual has certain difficulties that causes great impact on their lives. For example, in King’s novella, The Body, each character, which are…

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  • Forms Of Symbolism In The Shining By Stephen King

    The shining is a horror fiction novel by the author Stephen King. Stephen King is famous for his novels in the horror genre and The Shining is just one of the many thrilling books he has written. The Shining tells the story of a family of three: Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy Torrance, and their son Danny Torrance and the winter they spend at the Overlook Hotel. The Shining tells a great horror story, but what makes it a memorable book is the amount of detail that Stephen King provides the reader…

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  • The King's The Losers Club By Stephen King

    Through his storytelling abilities and vivid imagination, as demonstrated in his novels, short stories, and films, Stephen King has done much to move the horror genre into one of the top choices of many reading fans in the literature world. He has modernized many gothic or horror themes and techniques throughout his career and that is why some call him one of the best authors to walk the earth to this day. Many of King’s peers say that he has a strong case of hypergraphia which is evident in his…

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  • Hungry For Horror Stephen King Analysis

    Hungry for Horror: Based on the Works of Stephen King What aspect of horror makes it such a popular genre of story and film? Are the large viewing crowds attracted to mysterious plots or maybe the bloody special effects? Or is there an ultimately deeper reason for the intrigue? In Stephen King’s article, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” he accurately asserts that it is the fear-facing elements, the establishment of normality or safety, and the peculiarly evil sense of satisfaction that is derived…

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  • Analysis Of Gary Hoppenstand's On Stephen King

    Stephen King is a widely acclaimed author in not just American culture, but around the world. He is commended for his significant contributions to the horror novel genre and the various movies and TV shows that have resulted from his books. In his book, On Writing, King outlines some his theories about why he was able to achieve the success he has. In the essay “On Stephen King,” author Gary Hoppenstand also presents his ideas as to why King has been so successful in his writing career.…

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  • The Theme Of White Imperialism In The Shining By Stephen King

    Novelist Stephen King centered on the theme of supremacy characteristic of white males over western native peoples masterfully in his book, The Shining. As a country yearning for new land, a young America stretched its borders into the West. While colonizing, white males believed that they were superior to the native peoples inhabiting the territory, and slaughtered hundreds of them to take over their lands. It’s been believed since those turbulent times in the colonial days of the United…

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  • Stephen King: Why We Crave Horror Movies?

    phenomenon that many people are fond of horror movies. To ascertain the underlying mechanism, Stephen King, the leading role in the field of modern horror fiction, indited this article “why we crave horror movies?” He analyzes with artful inditing skills from psychological perspective the possible reasons driving people to optically canvass horror movies. Some of his conceptions are very persuasive; however, it is hard to consummately concur with him on the points he made in this article,…

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