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  • The Boogeyman By Stephen King

    In the gothic literature story The boogeyman by stephen King they use various uses of story elements that are actually quite fascinating. Gothic literature is a story that involves a monster or some other supernatural being. These stories are usually dark and written by authors who are well known like Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe,etc. These stories element include a damsel in distress, a hero ,intense emotions. A story that has a majority of these is The Boogeyman by Stephen King. The first element is the supernatural being who is obviously the boogeyman. He appears in kids closet and and kills them. The reason he is a supernatural is because he can appear as a human and just teleport into a child’s closet. '’The closet door was open.…

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  • Stephen King Theme

    Through his storytelling abilities and vivid imagination, as demonstrated in his novels, short stories, and films, Stephen King has done much to move the horror genre into one of the top choices of many reading fans in the literature world. He has modernized many gothic or horror themes and techniques throughout his career and that is why some call him one of the best authors to walk the earth to this day. Many of King’s peers say that he has a strong case of hypergraphia which is evident in his…

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  • Stephen King Influence

    Stephen King is one of the greatest fantasy writer in the world. He published many short stories. Much of his fictions have been adapted to both large and small screens, although it usually plays best in the mind’s eye. The relations of king’s fiction with electronic media are many and complex. (King is considered one of the greatest fantasy writers because of the things that have happened in his past lifetime). (King 1) Stephen King was born September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. When king was…

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  • A Death By Stephen King Analysis

    A Guy Who makes Monsters When most people think of Stephen King they think horror. Though he has written many short stories and novel based on horror, he writes many different genera’s except romance. Based on his biographical information it will help readers understand why this is. In Kings’ western themed story “A Death” Jim Trusdale is arrested for the murder of a young girl and for stealing her silver birthday dollar. This story takes place in Black Hills, Dakota. But can Jim…

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  • Research Paper On Stephen King

    Stephen King Books made into movies Stephen King has had from 50 to 75 books made into movies.The main reason why Stephen King has been so successful is his style of writing. Stephen King had many different messages in his writing but some had occurred more than once. His characters had a type, which was a flawed character that had had a troubled past. Stephen King was not limited to his signature horror books, he has a plethora of genres in his writings. Stephen King's writing style is very…

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  • On Stephen King Vs Hoppenstand

    Stephen King is a widely acclaimed author in not just American culture, but around the world. He is commended for his significant contributions to the horror novel genre and the various movies and TV shows that have resulted from his books. In his book, On Writing, King outlines some his theories about why he was able to achieve the success he has. In the essay “On Stephen King,” author Gary Hoppenstand also presents his ideas as to why King has been so successful in his writing career.…

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  • Stand By Stephen King Analysis

    in the movie. Others argue that movies are more intriguing than the narrative due to the visual effects that they may not be able to conceptualize while reading. Such discussion pertains to the movie Stand by Me and its respective novella, The Body, written by Stephen King. Regardless of a person’s point of view concerning these disputes, an agreement can be made that watching the movie prior to reading the literary work can substantially change the perception of various components of the…

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  • The Shining And It By Stephen King Analysis

    Stephen King’s novels The Shining and It are incredible examples of the exploitation of children in the 20th century horror-gothic genre. As American cultural historian David Skal notes, King’s novels “brim with fantasies of sacrificial children” (1993: 362). In The Shining and It, children play a significant role as victims who are being threatened by terrifying monsters. These monsters take very different forms but are nonetheless horrifying. The presence of the child in King’s novels must be…

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  • On Writing Stephen King Jr Analysis

    Writing Well Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing, is a novel about King’s experiences as a writer and was effective in teaching amateur writers what it is truly like to be an author. Although his teachings are not as direct in his book as Zinsser’s, most of his rare advice are just as useful. Overall, Stephen King applied many of the concepts suggested by William Zinsser into his memoir, however there are parts in King’s book where Zinsser’s teachings are not applied. Nonetheless, most of…

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  • Figurative Language In The Shining By Stephen King

    The shining is a horror fiction novel by the author Stephen King. Stephen King is famous for his novels in the horror genre and The Shining is just one of the many thrilling books he has written. The Shining tells the story of a family of three: Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy Torrance, and their son Danny Torrance and the winter they spend at the Overlook Hotel. The Shining tells a great horror story, but what makes it a memorable book is the amount of detail that Stephen King provides the reader…

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