The Importance Of Step Parents In The Military Family

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While Step-families are not a new term, step families in the military takes a different meaning. I have seen some families navigated it like pros where the children are the main concern of everyone, as well as those that have to handled it not as gracefully. Going into a family as the “outsiders” it’s hard to always to make it a smooth transition, let alone adding moves and deployments to the mix. The important key to successfully join two families is to have open communication and understanding from all parties, and some thick skin. If done right, children in military stepfamilies have a wide range of resources from with to draw comfort, support, care, information, and values (Hall 2008).
Step families are common among military families, the long deployments and the stress that is causes is not something that many can handle alone. It
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This can cause the military children to rebel or the Ex to try to take the kids from the step parent. The rights for a step parent in a military family are much more complicated, the biological parent needs to make sure that there are such things are power of attorney in place so that the step parent has the right to authorize medical care, and emergency care, registering children for school or even extracurricular activities (hall 2008). Deployments can also add tension to the new parent if it is not a situation that is familiar to them (first deployment). They may feel that it is okay to discuss adult fears with the children, especially if they have been through it before. It is not fair to discuss adult fears with the kids or expect them to take on the duties of the deployed spouse (hall 2008). The may not understand that this puts added stress on to the children. Even though they may be looking for guidance or help from them since it is something that they have been through in the

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