Sleeping Bueaty: Basile Vs. Perrault

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“Sleeping Bueaty” Basile v.s. Perrault
There are many ways you can contrast short stories from their character, to the plot, theme’s, and setting. One of the easiest ways to contrast short stories is by focusing in on the plot of the story and the characters. For example, in the two versions of “Sleeping Beauty” written by Giambattista Basile and Charles Perrault. While Giambattista Basile version is more of an adult version of “Sleeping Beauty”, Charles Perrault does write a more child friendly version of the story. Because Basile chose to be more graphic in his writing it can be easy to contrast the plot of the story and the characters. For example, when later on in the story he starts talking about forced sexual intercourse. There are a couple of similarities in the plot and characters in both stories like the prince in Perrault’s story and the king in Basiles story, but there is more contrast.
There are many differences between Perrault’s and Basile’s versions of “Sleeping Beauty”. Although both versions say that the king and prince went
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The queen and seven other fairies are pleasant. With one exception of a fairy that wasn’t invited, because everyone thought she was dead. Putting everyone into a fright she cursed the princess for not getting an invitation. The queen commits a utilitarian rule, doing something for the greater good of others not for herself. For example, when the queen was willing to die to save the clerks life by offering up her own. The Ogre’s thought they had all died, but the clerk hid the children in his wife 's home, and the princess in a chamber, until she heard their voices. In Basile 's story, the queen gets jealous and thinks she 's being cheated on by her husband. Later on trying to kill the lord’s daughter by burning her alive, yet she still lives’ happily ever

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