The Cinderella Story: Good Triumphs Evil: Cinderella

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Register to read the introduction… The last time she leaves behind a golden shoe on the staircase the Prince had covered with pitch. When the Prince brings the shoe around looking for his true bride, as only the woman whose foot fits into the slipper can be his true bride, the evil stepsisters both cut off a part of their foot in an attempt to fool the Prince and in the end neither sister was truly his bride. When passing birds, which had helped Cinderella with the tasks her stepmother had given her to prevent her from going to the ball and also presented her with the wardrobe each night she went to the ball, also informed the prince each time he passed with one of the step-sisters that they had a bloody foot in the slipper and each time he took them back. At last he asks the stepmother if she has any other daughter and she says no, but the father mentions Cinderella and even refers to her as “a little stunted kitchen-wench my late wife left behind her, but she cannot possibly be the bride.” The prince insists she try on the shoe, which fit of course. He takes her with him and afterward the sisters were each punished for the evil and wickednees with blindness as long as they lived by pigeons pecking out their eyes. This all rings a bell for me as

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