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  • Character Analysis Of Mother's Younger Brother In Ragtime

    up together; Evelyn Nesbit helped the little girl have a better life; even Coalhouse Walker Jr. realized his fighting was pointless and it was time to give up, because he had lost everything worth fighting for. There was one character that stood out from the rest throughout the novel, Mother’s Younger Brother. Brother tried to find his purpose…

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  • Evelyn Waugh Research Paper

    The life of Evelyn Waugh. “Later a writer must face the choice of becoming an artist or a prophet. He can shut himself up at his desk and selfishly seek pleasure in the perfecting of his own skill or he can pace about, dictating dooms and exhortations on the topics of the day. The recluse at his desk has a bare chance of giving abiding pleasure to others; the publicist has none at all.” (Waugh) Evelyn Waugh was many thing in his life. He was considered to be England's most prominent man of…

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  • Ragtime Analysis Essay

    Stephen Flaherty (Music), and Lynn Ahrens (Lyrics) was something along the lines of a smash hit. Featuring a star studded cast, with such luminaries as Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, and Audra McDonald, the musical won four Tony Awards and was nominated for 14, including Best Musical. The musical is based on E.L. Doctorow’s 1974 novel Ragtime, a work of historical fiction that has various characters of Doctorow’s creation meeting and interacting with historical figures such as Henry Ford,…

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  • Gender In E. L. Doctorow's Ragtime

    Father expects it from mother before he leaves for his expedition. Thaw pays Evelyn for it. Mother’s younger brother is obsessed with Evelyn, and in a sense follows her until he gets what he wants. But yet, it is still considered taboo in a sense. Father appreciates his wife not wanting to answer his “needs,” which juxtaposes his thoughts on the inuit woman, where he resents “this primitive woman’s claim to the gender (75)” because she is comfortable in her sexuality and its place in her…

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  • Mother's Younger Brother Character Analysis

    This criminalistic self is, in reality, Mother’s Younger Brother’s attempt at understanding how he can incite change not just through his family but how he cause it throughout the world around him. Moreover, by going to the extremes of terrorism Mother’s Younger Brother is trying to cause change as quickly as he can because he feels so pressured to do so by his unhappiness. He still does not understand how to cause it healthily even after speaking to Emma Goldman. When Mother’s younger Brother…

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  • Billy Bathgate Character Analysis

    respectability and criminality. The growth of Billy Bathgate and Mother’s Younger Brother will need to be closely followed to answer why. By following each individual's separate journey from respectability to criminality, in the case of Mother’s Younger Brother, and then flipping the spectrum to criminality to respectability, in regards to Billy Bathgate, a deeper understanding of the fine line between Capitalism and criminality is able to be unearthed. Moreover, through Mother’s Younger…

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  • Theme Of Freedom In E. L. Doctorow's Ragtime

    Freedom comes with the idea of being able to discover one’s own purpose in life. Throughout the book, he looks for a sense of self. He feels as though he needs someone or something in his life to cling to. Symbolic of this need is how he is referred to in this book. He doesn’t go by his own name, rather he is referred to in relation to another person, mother’s younger brother. He does not like being alone and doesn’t know how to handle it. This is why he follows Evelyn Nesbit around and quickly…

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  • Pin-Up Girl Research Paper

    first and only man that ever made the cover in 1916 (Buszik, 2006. p. 147). Photoplay last issue was in 1980. The Gibson Girl was usually mixed classes, depicting women as the weaker sex and showing what activities they can do, like sewing and riding a bike or flying a kite. These women were tall, have small waists, and always behave properly. This is when women were told that a university education is dangerous to the women health (Gourly, 2008. pp. 29-32). By 1910, the dance crazy…

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  • Summary Of Theodore Rasenberger's America 1908

    significant changes occurring in society at large. That same year, 1908, the Anarchist Selig Silverstein exploded a bomb in New York City which brought to life the concern for the rising thoughts anarchism and socialism. Throughout the South, African Americans were dying at the ends of nooses by the rise lynch mobs. Racial conflicts and hate crimes were becoming more prominent and they eventually led to the horrific race riot swirls around Abraham Lincoln 's grave in Springfield, Illinois. The…

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  • Social Changes In Ragtime

    these changes, she comes to realization that father was holding her back so she goes on to marry Tateh. The progression of Women's Rights isn't completely shown through this, but just like Mother, many women in this time period experience similar things to Mother. Many women were going through a time where they were criticized because they couldn't do things men could do. Doctorow expresses many technological changes throughout the novel. Much progress was made throughout the 1800s and 1900s,…

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