Eurydice of Thebes

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  • Creon's Tragic Flaws In Antigone

    in old age learn to be wise” (245). In these final words said by the Choragos, he explains an important lesson learned by the tragic hero in the play “Antigone,” written by Sophocles. In this tragic play, Creon, Antigone’s uncle and the new king of Thebes, gives Eteocles a formal burial but forbids one to Polyneices because of his traitorous act against the city. Antigone, who believes both of her brothers should receive proper burials, defies Creon’s law and secretly buries Polyneices herself,…

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  • Cognitive Based Therapy Case Study Antigone

    of her family members have recently perished. The deaths include Oedipus (Antigone’s father and former king of Thebes), Iocaste (Antigone’s mother), and Polyneices and Eteocles (Antigone’s brothers). Her family members that still remain include her Uncle Creon, her Aunt Eurydice, and her cousin Haimon whom is also her betrothed. She is of Greek ethnicity and presides in the city of Thebes, where is she is a princess in the royal family. She is very head strong, and very set in her ways of…

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  • Sophocles Antigone And Creon: Pride Or Power?

    story. This is the same with Antigone. The more the reader understands and morally or spiritually connects to the main character and their individual morals, the more they can decide which side they wish to take. This is the dilemma the people of Thebes must face. Some believe that Antigone is correct in burying her brother’s body. Others fear the wrath of the king and respect his power. Although the ancient Greeks were heavy believers in glory and the repercussions of their actions, they still…

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  • Theme Of Honor In Antigone

    not come that simple. Honor is not given but earned to a person that has shown great determination and wisdom by sticking to their morals. This definition of honor is seen throughout Sophocles’ greek tragedy of Antigone as Creon, the new ruler of Thebes, is being put to the test as both a ruler and a human. Because of Creon’s establishment of his first law that decrees no one is to bury the body of the traitor, his own nephew Polyneices, conflict occurs as his niece Antigone opposes to Creon’s…

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  • Importance Of Justice In Antigone

    Justice is very important in society and there are many different things that go into the idea of justice.There isn’t one simple thing that makes justice work, it takes a variety of different concepts to not only form a system for justice, but put it into action. While there are many examples of societies where rules are established and behavior and judgements are measured against those rules, there is still injustice. We, as humanity, need to continue to be aware of this and work to make the…

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  • Literary Merit In Hamlet By Shakespeare And Antigone

    Antigone, but found out it was too late since she already had committed suicide. Subsequently, Haemon, whom was engaged to Antigone, broke into the tomb to set her free, found her dead and stabbed himself in front of his father. Later on, his wife, Eurydice found out the news and also killed herself. After such events made Creon miserable since everything that mattered to him was now gone; he was all…

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  • Nelson Mandela As A Leader In Sophocles Oedipus The King

    How does one measure the greatness of a leader? Is it through the way he or she commands his or her people? The way he or she handles problems? Or through the sacrifices made for others? Whatever the case may be, many characters and historical figures exert qualities of a leader that should be looked upon. A great leader doesn’t hold himself or herself above the people. He or she is able to put the interest of others in front of his or her own. In Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Oedipus is…

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  • Antigone's Play Analysis

    Historically speaking the play Antigone was always a form of propaganda against Thebes. The Athenians at the time were encouraged to demonstrate against Thebes’s culture i. On one hand Sophocles’ plays can be described as a cultural protests against the tyranny of the Theban government; And on another they can be considered as Sophocles weapons of choice as a deviation from the Theban style of writing and creating a new identity to the Athenian plays .He achieves this by radically changing the…

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  • Symbolism In Antigone

    Antigone by Sophocles Antigone is a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles. It is a tale about the conflict between a girl trying to honor her brother and a king who uses his power to forbid it. This Greek play symbolically demonstrates the inner conflict between power and one’s conscience. (Haigh) Antigone was the third and final installment of Sophocles popular trilogy after Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus (Sayre). Sophocles, who lived from 496-406 BCE was a treasurer for Athenian polis…

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  • Examples Of Tragic Hero In Antigone

    undergoes the change to misfortune through any real badness or wickedness, but because of some mistake.” (2) Creon most exquisitely fits the criteria and the role of a tragic hero because Sophocles portrays him to be a just ruler to the people of Thebes, yet along the way with help from his tragic flaw and the Gods; Creon upsets the balance of the play and thus sets in motion his own downfall as well as the downfall of those closest to him and by the time he realizes his grand error it is too…

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