Benefits Of Syrian Refugees

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By the end of 2017 there could as many as 3 million refugees living throughout Europe (Calamur). This is an enormous change for the population, especially for states taking in larger number of refugees or states with already low populations. To help illustrate, as of September, the Syrian refugees represent 0.11% of the European population while they represent 25% of the Lebanon population (Bajenkal). There are both benefits and costs to an increased population. The benefits offer a large amounts of potential labor and large skill pools. If the human potential is grasped correctly, the refugees could strengthen fiscal sustainability by altering the age distribution. On the other hand, if the human potential is not used efficiently the fiscal …show more content…
If the war hadn’t been going on the vast majority of these refugees would have never embarked on their journey. A quick win-all end to the war in Syria is clearly not possible, but efforts in ending this war could help the migrant crisis long-term (Kingsley “10 Ways to Manage”). There is no end to the civil war in sight and without an end the refugee crisis could become a never ending cycle. Around 18% of Syria’s prewar population have been registered by the Office of the United Nations as refugees that have fled Syria, and 32% are displaced within the country. Over 10 million Syrian’s either have or want to escape Syria (Rohr). There have been some efforts aimed to help end the civil war but none that will solve the problem. Targeted airstrikes against the Islamic State group have occurred. To create a solution that is valuable for everyone, the refugees and affect countries, the Syrian civil war must end. To achieve this a real war must happen. A war against the Islamic State group fought by Syrians with the help of the United Nations. Syrians could be recruited for the army in barter for asylum of family members. Recruiting eligible Syrians will help build a transitional military government. This army will be fully backed by the United Nations. The United Nations will also provide additional support troops and weapons. Without the cease of the civil war there will be continued turmoil and death (Rohr). When the civil war is ended, Syrians can return home and rebuild their country with the help of the United Nations. This is the only long term solution that will keep the refugees from leaving Syria. If it gets to it, and all non-Islamic State Syrians leave, the country will be ruled by the Islamic State which will only provide them with more resources and capabilities which would affect the entire world. If there is not an end to the civil war we will all witness a huge change within

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