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  • Lithium Battery Research Paper

    Nearly every battery in a phone, laptop or electric car is lithium based. The element lithium is a difficult substance to harvest. It must be evaporated from brine which is found in salt lakes. This brine is pumped from underground to the surface then allowed to evaporate in large pans before being separated by electrolysis. From there the lithium metal oxide is taken to a factory where it is made into battery cells [6]. At the factory the anode and cathode materials are separated for production before being added to the electrode. The anode materials are a form of carbon, whereas the cathode materials are made of the lithium metal oxide. Each of the materials are then separately combined into a semi liquid mixture, and then spread in layers onto the electrode foil. From this coating machine, the coated foils are sent into an oven. Then these cathode and anode foils are assembled. Both anodes and cathodes, for a prismatic cell, are stacked, the electrodes connected, and an electrode stack inserted. Then the sub assembly is put together. This includes connections, terminals, vents and safety devices. From there the cell is sealed using a…

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  • The Function And Components Of The Lithium Ion Battery

    The components of the lithium ion batteries include a positive electrode made of metal oxide, negative electrode made of carbon (graphite), a separator made of a micro-porous polymer, and an organic electrolyte (ether) that is made up of dissolved ions of lithium. During recharge, the lithium ions travel from the positive metal oxide to the negatively charged graphite electrode. The reverse flow occurs during discharge (when the battery is in use) (Carnegie, 40; Divya and Østergaard, 513).…

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  • Synthesis Of L-Ion Battery

    anodes (372 mAh g-1).7–11 However, low electrical conductivity, huge capacity fading, poor durability due to the volume change and reduced crystallinity through the so-call conversion reaction mechanism of their use as LIB electrode material with prolonged cycling have impeded their applications.7,12 In recent years, new electrode materials for rechargeable LIBs have undergone a drastic shift toward to nanomaterials.13–20 Bulk material are generally considered to possess sluggish lithium ion and…

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  • Lithium Research Paper

    Lithium originates from the Greek word, “lithos,” meaning stone, because at least a small amount of lithium is found in every rock (The Element Lithium, 1). In fact, roughly 0.0007 of the crust of the earth is made up of lithium. At a refined state, it is a malleable, silver-gray metal, which is reactive, flammable, and easily corroded in exposure to moist air (Lithium: historical information, 1). Other characteristics of lithium create specific and productive uses for this element. Lithium has…

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  • Ion Gum Company Objectives

    1. Mission Statement ### is a company that offer unique and innovative backpacks with built-in lightweight ion lithium battery inside. The mission of our company is to provide high quality energy backpack and connect you to your power sources anywhere and anytime. As a green company, we use recyclable materials for our products to reduce the use of hazardous materials that can damage the environment. ### comes in different sizes for different purposes. Our main target is college students and…

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  • Tesla Case

    Introduction: Some organizations grow big with time, most of them grow with time because it always takes time to develop an organizational structure and establish a permanent industrial setup, but some industries just grow within a couple of decades. Tesla is one of them. Like all the big business firms and industries, it took only 19 years to compete with the local and international market demands and made a strong position among all the fellow competitors. The company came into existence in…

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  • Lithium Ion Battery Case Study

    The Anode What is Anode? What is anode fabricated from in Li-ion battery? What material could be replacement of ion material however failed? What is design and structure of anode in Lithium ion(Lithium ) battery? What is the reaction/process that are undergoing in anode? What are the recent advancements in anode of Lithium ion(Lithium ) battery? What are the challenges that are still left in the field? 1) The anode is the negative electrode of a galvanic cell and is related to the oxidation…

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  • Home Fire Alarms

    alarm in each of the rooms in rental houses. As a result of this once one alarm is triggered the rest follow allowing the whole family to be advised of a fire. To assure that all alarms are triggered and working during a storm a wireless interconnected system provides protection to home without expensive wiring. This system is functional even during a power outage. Everyday around the world technology is playing a major role in the innovation of new methods to fight a fire. The 10 years sealed…

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  • Bipolar Disorder: A Brief Analysis

    readers a taste of what it’s like to have a psychological disorder. Finally, after being too tired to fight the nurses, she accepts her medication, lithium, a mood stabilizer. It made her better, curbing her manic episodes. These pills made her functional. This type of treatment is called a biological treatment. The author goes on to discuss the history of lithium. John Cade was the first to discover the psychological use of lithium. Cade was the first psychologist to shift from the Freudian…

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  • Suicide Analysis

    Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from suicide. The World Health Organization reports that the exact statistic claims there are more than 800,000 people who commit suicide annually ("Suicide"). This alarming number calls upon each individual to answer in a resounding voice that reduces the number of suicide deaths. Although, there is not one, concrete explanation on how to best prevent suicide, which is why all theories must be taken into consideration then applied where necessary.…

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