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  • Early Century Literary Movement

    early century there were various intellectual movements that were connected to the aspect of literature on how the way writers would use these movements to express their feelings on how they want their readers to view their aspect of life of how they view it through their eyes and thoughts.These literary movements help these writers and poets in the early century to give a more deeply insightfully literature to their readers. Movements such as the Enlightenment and the Romantic movements, as well as Modernism, American Gothic, Southern Literature to name a few. One such movement was the Enlightenment which is a sprawling intellectual and cultural movement that stresses the importance of reason, ideas and social activities…

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  • The Literary Movements Of The Harlem Renaissance

    American history in the 1920’s saw a movement in political views through the Harlem Renaissance. The literary movement was poised in promoting African American cultural values that were overlooked and underestimated in America at the time. This essay is not for a mere discovery of facts, but to review the political effects that poets where trying to achieve through their work. The Harlem Renaissance’s purpose was to achieve social justice, have an integrated society and to be able to celebrate…

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  • Transcendentalism: A Literary And Philosophical Movement

    Transcendentalism was a literary and philosophical movement in the early 1900s in the U.S. It is based on the philosophy that an individual must be self-reliant and independent to be at their best. Transcendentalist believed that organized religious and political institution ruined the pureness of an individual. Furthermore, they assumed that every person has the knowledge about themselves and surroundings around them that go beyond what they sense (hear, taste, feel and see) through…

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  • Realism In American Literature: The Realist Literary Movement

    The Realist literary movement brought many influential novels and short stories into American literature. The movement lasted for about fifty years, beginning around 1850 and ending in 1900. This was a huge time for change in America with rising tensions between the North and South, the Civil War, westward expansion, and The Great Migration. Cities were quickly expanding and teaming with people looking for homes. Factory jobs were rapidly replacing farming and many Americans lived in city…

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  • Feminist Literary Criticism In Charles Bressler's Pride And Prejudice

    this theory is that “women as readers” are consumers of solely male produced literature and oftentimes men hypothesize femininity, providing false pretenses surrounding the true nature of women (Showalter). A few prominent theorists and works are Charles Bressler, author of Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, Toril Moi and her essay “Feminist Literary Criticism,” and Elaine Showalter’s “Toward a Feminist Poetics.” The common motive behind the feminist literary criticism…

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  • Marc Brosseau: The Context Of Geography's Literature

    its reader, how it creates an ’eye’, and how it questions geography’s rational discursivity” (Brosseau 1994: 347). Hence, Brosseau coins his concept of “novel-geographers” to foreground the spatial contour of literary geography through mapping out people’s spatial experience within the novelistic discourse with its “epistemological insight” (Brosseau 2009: 214). In short, Brosseau’s literary geographic contour of novelistic space show the novel’s construction of a geographical map that…

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  • Archetypal Criticism In In The Time Of The Butterflies

    Archetypal Criticism in In the Time of the Butterflies Recurring symbols and themes can be found in just about any form of literature. These archetypes can easily be spotted when using a literary theory. A literary theory is used to analyze and interpret literature. Archetypal Criticism is a literary theory that focuses on common archetypes in literature. Archetypal Criticism claims that certain characters recur in literature, and there are no new stories (Davidson). Archetypal Criticism can be…

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  • Literary Criticism In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

    TASK 1 : ESSAY Discuss the application of relevant theories of literary criticism in the selected text. Literary criticism from my point of view can be defined as the art or practice of judging and commenting on the qualities and characteristics of various literary works. Modern critics tend to pass down the concerns of earlier centuries, such as formal categories or the place of moral or aesthetic value. Some analyse texts as self-contained entities, in segregation from external factors,…

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  • Archetypal Criticism In The Wasteland By C. G. Jung

    findings in the genre of practical criticism. The poem has been deciphered on the basis of three psychoanalytic models (a) Lacan’s ‘Language and Unconscious’ (b) C.G. Jung’s ‘Collective Unconscious’ and (c) Northrop Frye’s ‘Archetypal Criticism’. Lacan’s ‘Language and Unconscious’, attempts to read ‘The Wasteland’ in the likeness of three-stage order of childhood formation viz imaginary, symbolic and real. The unveiling of author’s step-by-step sub-conscious unfolds his psyche. C.G. Jung’s…

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  • Importance Of Literary Theory In Literature

    Literary theory consists of various principles, beliefs and underlying ideas that are used to understand and analyze different pieces of texts in literature. An interesting way to view literary theory is by considering theories as tools. Critics take these tool and apply it to a text in an attempt to look at it from a different perspective. It grants them the ability to examine a particular aspect of a text, which they regard of significant importance. When these theories are passed onto…

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