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  • The Effects Of Counterfactual Thinking

    personality. Counterfactual thinking has so much to do with our lives and we don’t even realize we are doing it sometimes. Keywords: counterfactual thinking, athletes, personality, Olympic medalists, Introduction Literature Reviews Counterfactual thinking and Olympic medalists is one of the most well known studies on this theory. In this article we can often see that those in second place have more counterfactual thoughts than those in third place. “To the silver medalist, the most vivid counterfactual thoughts are often focused on nearly winning the gold. Second place is only one step away from the cherished gold medal and all of its attendant social and financial rewards. Thus, whatever joy the silver medalist may feel is often tempered by tortuous thoughts of what might have been had she only lengthened her stride, adjusted her breathing, pointed her toes, and so on. For the bronze medalist, in contrast, the most compelling counterfactual alternative is often coming in fourth place and being in the showers instead of on the medal stand.” (Medvec and Madey 1995). This can be indicated that those who are silver medalists tend to hold onto the could have been thought longer and if we look further into this study it shows us that in an interview that they found showing a silver medalist in the 1912 Olympics thoughts. “Kiviat had the race won until Britain 's Arnold Jackson "came from nowhere" to beat him by one-tenth of a second. "I wake up sometimes and say, 'What the…

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  • Similarities Between Gopnik's Essay 'The World And Other Places'

    imaginary worlds is a disadvantage to the individual because they get so caught up in the future possibilities that they do not appreciate or take advantage of their realities. When individuals live in their imagination or dreams it causes them to avoid the truth of their realities. For the reason that when someone puts their best foot forward, they are expecting a good result. In Gopnik’s essay, she gives an example about Olympic medalists and poses the question of who is happier the silver or…

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  • Tommie Smith Essay

    was the Olympics gold medalist in the 1968 Olympic games which was held in Mexico City that year. Smith smashed the world record with a time of 19.8 seconds. His teammate John Carlos won the bronze that same year and competition. Both Carlos and Smith were part of an organization called the Olympic Project for Human Right or otherwise known as the OPHR. The founder of the organizations was a sociologist and college professor, Harry Edwards. Tommie Smith was one of the original members that…

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  • The History Of Gymnastics

    Every young gymnast dreams of competing in the Olympic Games. They picture themselves standing on the Olympic podium with a gold medal around their necks, millions of people cheering for them. Thousands of gymnasts across the world train countless hours, giving everything they have into the sport of gymnastics just for a chance of getting an Olympic title. Gymnastics is enjoyed by both athletes and spectators around the world, but have you ever stopped and wondered how this sport originated?…

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  • Gender Inequality In The Olympics

    and more each year because it seems to get noticed more and more but especially popular because of the recent 2016 Olympics. Gender Inequality is the different biases between men and women in world. More specifically, gender inequality is prominent in the sport occupation. So, Balish et al. (2016) found a connection that advance liability is caused from the gender differences in sport attendance, supporters, and motives for the game (Deaner et al., 2016; Deaner & Smith, 2013; Lombardo, 2012) (p.…

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  • Nike Competitive Advantage

    for individual products. The industry was characterized by fierce competition in global markets. Industry leaders jousted for supremacy in the professional, female, and youth segments. By 2005, the U.S. market was considered to be mature, and global markets were likewise rapidly approaching maturity, resulting in intensified competition for market share. There also was heated competition for advertising and promotional licenses, particularly between the two industry giants,…

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