Lip Syncing In Lonely Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

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The music business is filled with scandals and drama; therefore, it is no surprise as technology evolves opportunities for musicians to face scandal increases. One scandal allowed by technology is lip syncing. An increasing amount of musicians take the easy way out and lip sync during concerts and important events. Lip syncing is an inexcusable offense for a musician. It is deceitful and wrong for artists to lip sync in live performances, and it should not be allowed.
Performers are held to a different standard when they perform live versus on a recording. They are expected to put on a show as well as sing their songs. Certain artists throughout history produced albums with technical effects, preventing them from performing it live. Technology in songs is not the problem, it is the artists who choose to lip sync songs they cannot perform live without lip syncing. The Beatles could not perform songs from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band live because of the aleatoric nature
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At the NRJ Music Awards, Katy Perry was performing when her background tape skipped, revealing Perry was lip syncing. The host of the show came out and apologized, but asked Perry to perform from the top, truly singing this time. Perry’s second performance involved risk, lack of preparation, and dancing, thus proving no need to lip syncing was needed to perform. Ashlee Simpson ruined her reputation and career during her infamous performance of Saturday Night Live. The wrong song played in the background and she gave a nervous dance before running off stage embarrassed. If an artist is embarrassed after doing something, it means they did something wrong. Lip syncing is not done to avoid risk, but done by lazy artists who do not want to do their jobs of performing. There is risk in lip syncing, and anyone who says otherwise should talk to Simpson and

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