Essay On Piercings

Find needle, no needle, thumb tack will do. Mirror for placement. Adrenaline rush followed by pain. No turning back now. Struggle to get through cartilage, frustration arises. “Pop!” followed by pinching. IT IS THROUGH! Now pull thumb tack out and stick earring through. This was the steps from the first time I unprofessionally, with little sanitation added a new hole to my nose. I have never been grounded, but this was the first time my parents have ever grounded anyone. This reaction that society has on piercings is strange but is slowly being accepted. Looking back on the history of piercings and what they mean to other cultures makes me appreciate piercings even more. Throughout history and culture piercings have had many different meanings. For some piercings show wealth, higher status, religious purposes, and is believed to help medically. My nose piercing is an example of this. Nose piercings have been around since two thousand B.C., Lorna show on her “Piercing Evolution: A Historical Timeline- Ancient Roots.” Lorna says nose piercings were found in the Middle East. The symbolism and history behind nose piercings says Laura who wrote an article called “History of Body Piercings,” it eases pain, …show more content…
Even without the same meaning for piercings thousands of years ago they still have meaning today. Some may not understand the reason I pierced my nose, for the same reason I do not understand why my parents grounded me for it. Although I do understand why Dr. Shari Welch looks at piercings in a negative way. He may believe piercers need more training but not all piercers are the best and not all are the worst. In the same way all medical professionals are not the best and not the worst. For people looking to get a piercing research needs to be done on the piercing and who is doing the piercing. The same as one may do to find the right

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