Advantage Of Code Switching

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The origin of America was based on immigration that created diversity in language, which today continues to increase. America, a melting Pot, a diversity of language and culture is somewhere where the technic of code switching is essential in life and to advance in the social latter. Even though everyone in America cannot speak Standard English because of that language barrier, they should not be looked down upon by the American society because there is not really a “correct” way of speaking.
Code switching is the ability to speak multiple types of dialect; it is a major skill for gaining power in society. One Example as Manuel Muñoz mentioned in “leave your name in the border” is having that ability to speak Standard English gives you an
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Every gesture made toward convincing an employer that English was on its way to being mastered had the potential to make a season of fieldwork profitable.” Knowing how to communicate is crucial, especially in the working field because it increases your knowledge and your status to an employer. There is more of that trust since the employer knows that he or she is being understood and the employee can feel comfortable to ask for help or clarification. Tan claims the ‘nominalized forms, past perfect tenses, conditional phrases, all the forms of standard English that I had learned in school and through books” she was not able to use with her mother when speaking. Which there she includes code switching in her speaking as well as in her writing. A method that she doesn’t “notice any switch in my English” since she got comfortable in it. Which creates an advantage in the social world and marketing, there is that transition in language that can be used with who ever the reader or speaker is. The power of language in society is based on your profession in the social latter. Because based on your profession your dialogue differs, according to the article “dialect” Dwight Bolinger “Each occupation has its own things to talk about. But …show more content…
Language in the social class and geographic stance play a large role with the change of language being those two of the coordinates in the axis. Bolinger states that one horizontal coordinate is the geographical dialects, because people communicate with the people most nearest them, the ones in their community, which form the way of speaking. But as immigration happens in America the community is always changing, as well as other new languages and ways of expression are formed. As a community grows and generations do there is that change of communication, through slang or ways of expression in their generation as well as the pattern of language. For example some meanings of words now are seen as less vulgar and more as the “norm” because of the reappropriation of words, also there has bee the formation of new words for each generation. For example in the past generation the word “Hella” coming from the roots of Oakland and now used as well as this generation has other words that they created. This is called the Cohort effect it is the shared linguistic patterns unique to a generation according o my Oral Communication class. Also Linguistic relativism plays a role in how there is no one way off speaking because the language we use plus the cultures, sort of a view towards the world but involving values. This shows that language has no real correct way of

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