The Importance Of Bilingual Education: Detrimental To American Society

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Bilingual Education Is Detrimental to American Society.

As America rises to be an extremely multicultural nation, it is inferred that as a nation, educating immigrants in the english language is beneficial, however accustoming to various languages is destructive to the standard tongue used. Bilingual education has been a major aspect in the history of the American education system. However, bilingual education has become a less used term due to the disloyalty it brought over the course of history and is now referred to as structured english immersion programs (SEI). The introduction of structured english immersion programs has become a highly debated issue in relation to today’s modern technique of teaching. It is argued that these programs
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According to Greg Collins, a 2009 graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst contributor to the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, he claims that although students are instructed in their native language to help them keep up to pace with other students in their english and math classes, they fall behind in the most important factor of learning in america, reading instruction in english. (bilingual education does not help students). Mastering English enables immigrants to acquire the necessary skills to work at higher-skilled jobs to improve their socioeconomic status and to become financially independent” (Collins, “Bilingual Education Does Not Help Students”). Communication in the english language is extremely prominent in american society and the use of bilingual instruction disables immigrant students to communicate efficiently as they progress in american culture. Collins also claims that bilingual educators are blind to the issue that easing immigrants as they come to america through bilingual education, helping them receive adequate grades in comparison to other students, gives them short term results and has a major effect of long term abilities that can be detrimental the nation (Collins, “Bilingual Educations Does Not Help Students”). The immigration surge in america today may trigger the thought that bilingual education is necessary. For instance, María Estela Brisk, a professor of education at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College, brings to attention the disadvantage at which immigrant students acquire and how bilingual education is helping all students. She states, “"Education of bilingual students should be part of general school improvement efforts and should not depend on federal and state legislation. Better education for all students requires educational reform that includes bilingual students"(Brisk, “Bilingual

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