Summary: The Importance Of Bilingual Education

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Education is important in today’s society. Today, with an increase in immigrant children coming to this country it has come to the attention of many whether there should be classes spoken in their language or not. Education is incredibly important, and every child deserves to have an equal learning field. With that, children who do not speak English should be put in classes where their language is spoken to help them get through an already difficult transition; school. Success in this country lies in what kind of education one receives, and with the influx of minorities coming in to receive a good education one runs into the problem of what is the best way to teach English to these non- English speakers. The apparent best solution would …show more content…
The heritage of the student is the only form of comfort that exists in their life. Taking away the heritage of the students will create an all English speaking environment. That type of environment will form many challenges. That student is immune to the language their parents speak, so if subjects are taught in a language a child does not understand it will be more difficult for a child to form synapses. Those synapses help connect certain ideas, so without having those connections in a language they understand problems in comprehension will increase. To avoid those problems in comprehension it is said that “kids did somewhat better if they received some amount of direction in their home language” (Hamilton, 2014, p. 541). The problem with comprehension would decrease if the idea of using ones culture in the learning of a new language that extended to all cultural back grounds. With the fact that Richard Rodriguez describes how he would have been more grateful if his teachers addressed him in Spanish, he also describes how he was Americanized. The Americanization he experienced was caused by his teachers taking his Hispanic culture at home was turned into a more English speaking environment. So, with that the fact that us as a society are trying to take away the diversity our country preaches is another reason why bilingual education should be used to bring back that …show more content…
It is said that “English is arguably the hardest language to learn; even native English speakers struggle with it” (Patzelt and Le, 2014, p. 563). Every child learns differently, and it would be especially difficult for a child to try to learn a lesson in a classroom while learning the language that is being spoken without any help or direction in a language they do understand seems unfair. The American educational systems think that they have solved this problem of a child learning differently by using remedial classes. The students in those classes, especially students who do not speak English, see themselves as problems and will put them in a category. This category excludes them for an uncontrollable factor which was the culture they were born into. Those who frown upon bilingual education programs also do not realize that those who were only taught in a mono-cultural fashion are not as prepared as those who are bilingual. America wants the best education given to the students that are a part of it, and if bilingual education programs benefit the entire American population why would the fact that the it may take a little extra effort stop ever individual not be as educated in different languages.
With the world changing, and education becoming more important “it would be foolish now not to implement more bilingual educational programs” and “ignoring the facts and

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