Bilingual Education Is Ineffective By Christine Rossell's Article: Article Analysis

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In the articles "Bilingual Education Is Ineffective" by Christine Rossell, and "Bilingual Education Is Necessary" by Maria Estela Brisk. They both discuss the controversial issue known as bilingual education. On the one hand Rossell points how ineffective bilingual education by providing data analysis that fuels her claims, but at the same time providing recommendation/solutions to this debate . On the other hand, Brisk insist the need of bilingual education should be left for schools to decide rather than be state legislations made by policymakers. Both articles provide good analysis for their claims, making their information very reliable and essential, but simultaneously very biased for their corresponding point of view.
Rossell 's article
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She first makes a clear explanation of the term bilingual education for her research since it is commonly mistaken so Rossell refers to it as, "...Instruction provided to students in their native tongue in all subjects... taught by the bilingual education teacher." (Rossell) and then provides the other term knows as sheltered English immersion and she defines it as "Instruction provided to students in English at a pace they can understand... with other students learning a second language." (Rossell). By making this clarification, Rossell helps the readers understand the meaning of each terms as it helps with her research and show why leans towards sheltered English immersion education in Texas. The author claims that her statistical data reveals how students educated under bilingual education score very poorly on standardize test compared to the ones educated under sheltered English immersion. …show more content…
Brisk observes that with some many models for bilingual education she feels like it 's a never ending battle, but she strongly believes that providing quality education to students it also means to teach bilingual education to non-English speaking students. She also acknowledges that there are some flaws on this type of education and for most students achieving high scores on standardized test is because of the tremendous effort and dedication from their teachers behind them. With the never ending battle over this issue Brisk agreess when she writes, "Most successful bilingual programs have been created not by legislative mandates but by concerned educators and communities working together." (Brisk) In other words Brisk believes that if it 's left for policymakers to make the best decision on these student 's future, making this more of a political agenda thus only looking out for themselves and in the students best interest. She suggest that bilingual education can be beneficial to everyone as it teaches students, schools, communities, cultural differences making this quality education. Brisk has offered a lot of insight on this matter as she has a Ph.D. in linguistics and bilingual education. Her research is dated 2006, it is also somewhat old but still is a great source of information for my

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