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  • Racial Bias In Health Care

    I came across a report Racial Bias in Health Care and Health penned by Dr. David R. Williams and Dr. Ronald Wyatt which discusses racial and ethnic disparities from a health care perspective and why steps should be taken to address it. He shares his experience when confronted with implicit and explicit bias as a patient at a local hospital. Implicit bias is behavior that results from subtle implicit attitudes and implicit stereotypes that often happen unconsciously and without any overt intent. I personally connect to this article as I recall several instances where my mother, grandmother and I were involved with medical personnel who we felt treated us negatively due either to biases, microagression, lack of cultural humility/sensitivity,…

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  • My Darling Clementine Analysis

    addressing to the scenes of the opening and O.K Corral. The characters in Ford’s films embody the antithetic types of people as the representation of the morality of a society instead of individuality (Baxter, 1939), My Darling Clementine is no exception. Hero in Ford’s film most likely be an outsider to the town and consists an image of tough problem solver with morality, just like Marshal Wyatt Earp in My Darling…

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  • Love And Desire In Sir Thomas Wyatt's Whoso List To Hunt

    A combination of Petrarch and English sonnet conventions construct love and desire in Sir Thomas Wyatt 's “Whoso List to Hunt”. However, from Petrarch 's perspective, love is transcendent and idealizes the beloved. The poet places his love on a pedestal. Desire, on the other hand, focuses on longing and frustration. The poet 's love is unwanted and injustice (Riddell). In this essay I will examine Petrarchan conventions such as the conceit, as well as illicit, thwarted, and unrequited love, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Tombtone, Arizona

    before. Then we went to another store and we all got little scorpion lollipops. They had a scorpion in the middle and we thought it was the coolest thing. We were hesitant to eat them at first. There were some that had crickets, millipedes, mill worms, and all kinds of different insects, and we wanted to get all of them. But we wanted to go see more sights so we went to an old graveyard. The graveyard was really cool. We walked around it for an hour and a half, reading all the tombstones. There…

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  • The Hero, S Journey In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    Draco, has been sorted there. Plus, his new friend Ron told him, “Every wizard who went bad went to Slytherin.” The Sorting Hat listens to Harry when he decides he wants to be sorted into Gryffindor with his new friends. At this ceremony of sorting, the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, tells all the students that they are not to go up to the third floor because it is off limits. Harry builds a good relationship with the headmaster and Dumbledore becomes the “wise old man” of Harry’s…

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  • Sakuntala And The Little Mermaid Comparison

    different types of writing. Some genres include love and comedy. This story was written by Kalidasa, and was an original. In the story love at first sight could only happen to many people and it just so happen to Sakantala but because of her stubbornness she caused the cursing of her beloved man, Dusyanta. The curse is to let her love of her life forget about her until he unites back with his ring he gave her. The ring she was given was lost and found by a fisherman. This story is the one that…

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  • Summary Of John Ford's Film 'Stagecoach'

    DiMitri Smith November 1, 2015 ARTH 110 Stagecoach John Ford’s film “Stagecoach” is about a group of people with different backgrounds, cross paths in a stagecoach on its way to Lordsburg, New Mexico. The group consists of an alcoholic doctor, a run out of town mistress, whiskey salesman, a bank manager turned thief, and sickly wife of a soldier accompanied by a shady man who seems to be charmed by her. Along the way they encounter the infamous escaped convict, Ringo Kid. On the latter half of…

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  • John Donne And Shakespeare Research Paper

    A sonnet is a poem usually consisting of fourteen lines linked by a regular rhythm and one of two mayor rhyme schemes - that of either an Italian or Shakespearean sonnet (Prescott, 2010). Such forms will be analyzed in the works of two of the greatest poets of all time – John Donne and William Shakespeare. They are worthy canonical figures that are still acknowledged and studied today, were influenced by cultural and historical features of the era in which they wrote and included aesthetics…

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  • Wyatt Earp Research Paper

    The Life of Wyatt Earp Did you know that one of the most well-known outlaws was actually part hero for some time? Wyatt Earp was that person, he was an outlaw, but was also known as a law enforcement officer. He had many ups and downs and successes and downfalls. Wyatt Earp had no nickname as a person, he was commonly referred to as Wyatt. His full name was Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp. Wyatt was born March 19, 1848, in Monmouth, Illinois.( He grew up in his birth town, Monmouth, Illinois.…

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  • The Journey Of Chris Mccandless: Alex Supertramp

    wild, because he wanted to isolate himself from the lies his parents kept, making his life seem like it was all a lie. Despite Chris’s real intention to find himself and return home as a whole new person, his attitude and actions brought him to isolate himself from affectionate friends and also from his beloved sister Carine whom he shared a close bond with. Chris intentionally avoided anything that might have led to “settling down.” This is seen most evidently in his relationship with Ron…

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