Summary Of John Ford's Film 'Stagecoach'

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DiMitri Smith
November 1, 2015
ARTH 110
John Ford’s film “Stagecoach” is about a group of people with different backgrounds, cross paths in a stagecoach on its way to Lordsburg, New Mexico. The group consists of an alcoholic doctor, a run out of town mistress, whiskey salesman, a bank manager turned thief, and sickly wife of a soldier accompanied by a shady man who seems to be charmed by her. Along the way they encounter the infamous escaped convict, Ringo Kid. On the latter half of their trip they encounter aggressive Indians known during this time as Apaches. The Apaches engage them in battle. The men within the stagecoach, who are supplied with guns, defend themselves against the Apaches for enough time for the U.S army to show
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Ironically it mainly focused on two major factors in her life, plantation life and a love triangle between two men that she loves equally. Being as this is a post-civil war film it also means that it kicks the racism up a notch. With that being said you already know I hate this film.
This film only has one genre description: Historical Fiction. This probably the most accurate genre description I have seen in awhile. Even though we know the story is make believe, it still gives a dead on depiction of what was like in the south post-civil war. Racist and highly sexist. Racism aside, the only problem is that women weren’t as free as this movie made it out to believe. Since females were often if not always treating like possessions of men. It would impossible for a woman to be in the center of a love triangle without it ending in a confrontation or worse, in blood. On a side note even though one of the main focal points was a love triangle it was failed to be given any sort of romance type genre tag, this is something that should really be

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