Personal Narrative: My Trip To Tombtone, Arizona

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For my brother’s thirteenth birthday we went to Tombstone Arizona. We lived in Arizona at the time and we had always wanted to go to Tombstone after we watched the Tombstone movie. When my mom told us we were going to be able to go, we got so excited we didn’t care about the long drive. When we got there, we had no idea what we wanted to do. There was so much we could do and we wanted to do it all. The first thing we did when we got there was go to all the souvenir stores and buy a bunch of little stuff like shirts, fake guns, candy, and snow globes with scorpions in them . We went to the OK Corral and had some pictures taken of us all dressed up in the old western clothes. Both my older brothers and I hated it at the time. We always …show more content…
We followed Doc Holiday at first then the rest of the characters started coming out. It seemed real with how they were walking through the streets, yelling at each other, and the whole thing just made us feel like it was really happening and it took us back in time to when it was really like that. After that, we went behind a building and they came out of the door fighting and yelling and ended up on the ground fighting. When Billy the Kid went back inside, someone else came out and then the shootout began. The guns sounded real and the blood looked real too. When we saw them fall to the ground, it really felt like they were dead and we felt for them. Not too long after the shootout, it started to get dark. We were sitting there wondering what is there to do after it gets dark in Tombstone. We had heard of a ghost tour that was available to the most haunted buildings in town and we could go in some of them! As soon as we heard about it, we jumped at the chance to go around Tombstone and go on the ghost tour. We got to go in a building called The Bird House and we were there during the day. They showed us where bullets had hit the counter and front desk of the bar/brothel when the original shootout had happened. The bullets were still there in the wood and there were holes where there used to be bullets and the staff had said it was haunted, so we weren’t surprised when we went

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