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  • Rongorongo Artifact

    The artefact that I have chosen is a wooden tablet with a system of glyph engravings called Rongorongo, specifically the Small Santiago Tablet. Rongorongo is one of the worlds rare undeciphered scripts which are comprised of lines of symbols, many of which are birds or other animal forms, engraved with every second line being upside down. The text is said to be read from left to right, bottom to top, which is also known as the reverse boustrophedon (Bahn, 1996). This famous enigma of Easter Island was first dated in 2003 with the use of the accelerator mass spectrometry technique and was concluded to have a 95% probability of being created in 1680 and 1740 AD (Orliac, 2005). They were discovered in the 19th century on the small island with…

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