I Love Jack Short Story

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I loved Jack so much he was my best friend and a brother to run to when things got bad, what I miss the most about him along with his smile, laugh, idiotic dancing, drinking competitions, crying on his shoulder, hanging out at Cronulla and just being around him made you forget everything on your mind.

Before we all lost jack, I would sit there and hug him so tight and talk to him for hours each day, that 's how I know so much about depression, pain and other mental illnesses. I saw it all through my own eyes with him, all the demons inside and then I went through it.

He would talk to me about his girlfriend, everything he was feeling and what she was doing to him that no human should ever treat their love ones. She pushed boundaries she should have never pushed, he once told me a massive part he didn 't want to be here besides all the other shit that was going on in his life was because of her. His love for her was infinity and the feelings for her was too hard to let go and he would rather chop it all then lose her, it was killing him and sending him insane, but he just surfed it off as it was his only escape to ease his mind and that 's how I learned to surf when I was about twelve and half years old, he taught me so I would have something to distract myself instead of
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I told people I hated my mother with all these names, then I lost her. A hole was ripped out and deep down I really loved her, I just didn 't show her and that 's where I stuffed up, that 's where I went wrong, don 't make that mistake instead show people they matter and be careful what you

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