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  • The Family 1941 By Romare Bearden Summary

    Romare Bearden “The Family 1941” “The Family 1941” is a photo is painted by Romare Bearden. Luckily, I had a chance to see this interesting picture in a book during high school. This picture is a great example to demonstrate the dark time when America had to face Great Depression. The couple and their baby must pass through a rough time, which is demonstrated by their faces emotion. When we just read the name of the picture, we can interpret this picture is about traditional American families back then. Unfortunately, this painting illustrates a poor family which I can see the father felt so hopeless about his wife and kid’s future. The father’s face looks so gloomy, dull, and anxiety. This suffering time did not only happened to this…

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  • Hyperbole In Fences

    The play Fences by August Wilson, and Romare Bearden’s painting Two, but not Two, both share similar stylistic devices to serve a common purpose. At the end of the play Fences, the character Rose, is talking to her son, Cory, about Troy, the protagonist in Fences. In Rose’s monologue she explains Troy’s character and how she met him. Rose’s monologue shares similarities with Romare Bearden’s painting Two, but not two. Romare Bearden, was one of Wilson’s major influences in writing along with…

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  • American Identity In The Great Gatsby And Nickel And Dimed

    American Dream, millions of other U.S. citizens are inspired every day. (Golschein, Feloni, 12 Immigrants Who Came to America With Nothing and Made a Fortune). The splatter and collage styles of Jackson Pollock and Romare Bearden both portray vibrant colors to present a collective image. Through the use of vivid colors and textures, these American artists represent an identity that is unique to their country. Pollock’s work is intense, strong, and at times, chaotic. Many of Pollock’s more…

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  • The Family 1941 Analysis

    It looks like they are in the kitchen of their house because we can see a piece of bread and the salt holder but the place looks small to fit all of them at the same time. Bearden doesn’t show a lot of the house in the picture. He was focused in showing the characters of the picture rather than the place they are at. The house doesn’t seem to receive a lot of light from outside or inside. The lighting of the picture is dark, there is nothing giving the picture life or brightness. There is…

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  • Zora Neale Hurston's Influence During The Harlem Renaissance

    African Americans have had a strong connection to the land that they live on because of their past as slave workers and sharecroppers. William Johnson’s painting Chain Gang (1939) provides an example of African American people being literally bound to the land that they are working on. Because of this past, African Americans have had a deep relationship with the earth. In the painting Ascent of Ethiopia (1932), Lois Mailou Jones expresses the journey of African Americans from slavery to their…

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  • Essay On Jazz Style

    From the earliest days, the jazz music seemed to be the kind of music that the musicians could play for themselves. This has served as good way of freeing themselves from the marching bands, rigid standard dance or the other of commercial music types that are repetitive to play. Globally, the international jazz also trends the correlation between the styles used in the U.S and abroad. Jazz originated with small bands of about six players and the style called New Orleans. Both whites and blacks…

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  • Art And Racial Stereotypes In Kara Walker's Work

    Thomas was also referred to as an explicit feminist because all her imagery included set and costume design, photography collage, painting, and rhinestone decoration to illustrate the visual textures of Black women identity by emphasizing on the plasticity of concepts such as: beauty, sexuality, femininity, subjectively, and power. In Thomas’s work called Portrait of Mama Bush she depicts he mother as inspiration. The painting combined the ritual of Western painting with pop culture to produce…

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