The Family 1941 By Romare Bearden Summary

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Romare Bearden “The Family 1941”

“The Family 1941” is a photo is painted by Romare Bearden. Luckily, I had a chance to see this interesting picture in a book during high school. This picture is a great example to demonstrate the dark time when America had to face Great Depression. The couple and their baby must pass through a rough time, which is demonstrated by their faces emotion. When we just read the name of the picture, we can interpret this picture is about traditional American families back then. Unfortunately, this painting illustrates a poor family which I can see the father felt so hopeless about his wife and kid’s future. The father’s face looks so gloomy, dull, and anxiety. This suffering time did not only happened to this
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The husband has a blue outfit. It seems like he works on a business. His eyes look so sleepy, which I can approach that he was working really hard to support his family and does not have enough time to sleep. He raises his right hand, palm facing his wife while she is talking with him. I think she keeps complaining that they ran out of food and money. The author used a darker color on the husband 's face to show he is really tired and dull expression. We can see the family unit is strong with defined roles, as the man is head household sits down on the chair and the woman stands behind him to take care of house works and kid. On his right side, there is his wife who is breastfeeding a little baby. The baby wore a white outfit which has a lot of dirt. I think that are not afforded to buy good quality clothes for their only child. The wife seems like she is disappointed at her husband because he cannot support the family. She has makeup on and her cloth and jewelry look colorful which shows that they used to live in good condition life. That’s why she felt shocked and still cannot accept this bad luck. She looks so pity and lonely because her husband refused to talk to …show more content…
Parents felt so exhausted because they don’t want their dear children have to experience poverty . All parents want their children living in a joyful life and good quality so they can have a best childhood memories. On the other hand, “The Family 1941” picture shows hidden meaning that sometimes as human being parents might feel so powerless and want to give up when many hard obstacles turn them down badly. We can see that the father exhausted and felt disappointed at himself since he cannot fulfill his family’s expectation. He has raised his hand, palm to the wife

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