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  • Commedia Dell Arte Analysis

    successfully created a Commedia Dell’Arte piece through the utilisation of conventions of commedia and the dramatic elements to effectively produce dramatic meaning. ’20 lazzi’s in a hat’ “showcases numerous masked stock characters, hilarious burle and 20 of Commedia’s famous traditional lazzi consisting of verbal asides on current political, social and literary topics, pratfalls and acrobatics (Homunculus Theatre company, n.d.).” Commedia Dell’Arte is a form of comedic theatre that originated in Italy in the 16th century (Wilson, 2010). This form of theatre was first established as a street performance in the Italian renaissance and served as a comic release to the people in the market places. “This colourful and extremely theatrical art form is based on the interaction of traditional stock characters in improvised scenarios that facilitate a comic plot to arrive at a humorous climax (Shane Arts, n.d.).” Homunculus theatre company created an excellent example of Commedia Dell’Arte through the manipulation of the elements of Commedia Dell’Arte and drama in order to perform a truly successful performance. Homunculus skilfully used a one-dimensional storyline in order to create humour and keep the audience engaged. Usually in a typical storyline there is often growth, change and internal conflict carried out by a single character. However, a one-dimensional storyline allows…

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  • Unit 32: Developing Physical Theatre

    Unit 32: Developing Physical Theatre Physical Theatre There are a few practices/practioners who contributed to the roots of physical theatre. Greek theatre Greek theatre spanned from 600BC-600AD and it began with festivals honouring Greek Gods. Plays were only allowed to be presented at the Dionysia festival. At early Greek festivals actors, directors and dramatists were the same person however, after a while only three actors were allowed to perform in the plays. Then they later decided to…

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  • The Servant Of Two Master Critical Analysis

    as a woman. Another example is the engagement between Smeraldina and Truffaldino, who must ask their masters for consent to marry, and due to the confusion as to who Truffaldino ‘belongs’ too, the couple was close to being banned from marrying each other. The status of women is shown by many characters throughout the performance but in the next two paragraphs, I would like to talk about the performances of Gabriella Sandler, as Beatrice/Federigo, and Jose Bordas, as Dr. Lomardi. The…

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  • How Did Commedia Dell Arte Influence Modern Theatre

    Commedia dell’Arte: The Foundation of Modern Comedy While the exact origins of Commedia dell’Arte are unknown, it is one of the most influential forms of theatre. It has been a foundation for comedic theatre since around 1545. This unique form of comedy has influenced writers and performers all over the world. Similarities to Commedia dell’Arte can be found in the writings of William Shakespeare, in the acting choices of some of the most famous comedians and even in modern day television. It has…

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  • Commedia Dell Arte Costumes Analysis

    Costumes and Masks in Commedia Dell’Arte: Their True Purpose Costumes and masks are pivotal point in commedia dell’arte. The costumes and masks allow the audience members to become fully immersed into the production of the performance. Every detail of the performance is important and the costuming symbolises the attempt to fully enthrall each member into believing that the costume looked and dressed a certain way. The meaning of the costumes and masks is seen as being an extension of the…

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  • The Golden Coach: Film Analysis

    The Golden Coach is a 1952 film directed by Jean Renoir. The film tells the story of a commedia dell’arte troupe in 18th century Peru. Renoir is a French film director, and the son of impressionist painter Pierre Renoir. His films, in both silent and later eras, are noted for their realism and narrative. Inspired by both Mérimée's short play, “Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement” and Vivaldi’s music, Renoir's film unfolds naturally in a dramatic atmosphere that is both theater and life. Indeed,…

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  • Essay On Italian Renaissance Theatre

    housed many operas and plays. The most popular performance was the Commedia. This was Farce, or low comedy. It was also known as slapstick for in some of the plays and actor would beat up another with a stick. The stage was designed to be disassembled easily, and was decorated with paintings. In many of the plays mask would be used such as ones you would find in a masquerade ball. Famous characters are categorized as The servants of zanni, The old men, The young lovers, and The boasting…

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  • The Imaginary Invalid Analysis

    Molière’s sentiment “to correct men by amusing them” is embodied in “The Imaginary Invalid,” or “The Hypochondriac.” Written in 1673, his final play defines his legacy, begun when he traveled through the French countryside with Madeleine Béjart and their Illustre Théǎtre. That was when he encountered the Commedia dell’Arte, the basis for modern comedy, adding its elements into his plays. Like many Enlightenment authors, including Corneille, Racine and Boileau, he resolutely applied Aristotle’s…

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  • Carlo Goldoni's Impact Of Commedia Essal Arte

    Commedia dell arte not only made a huge impact in the history of the theatre, but also everyday modern arts and media. This can be shown by various accounts such as, the theatre of farce, commedia erudita, and the mime theatre. With shows such as Fawlty towers, Friends, how I met your mother and so on, which are shown in everyday media these all show examples of how commedia dell arte still influence over today’s society. Commedia dell arte or the theatre of the professional, these troupes were…

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  • Stock Characters In Walt Disney's Zootopia

    In the popular 2016 mystery/crime film Zootopia, brought to you by Walt Disney Animated Studio has displayed Commedia Dell'arte Stock Characters throughout the film. The main plot of the film is about Officer Judy Hopps coming to Zootopia to become the first bunny officer and along the way she meets a scam-artist Nick Wilde and solves a mystery together. Throughout the film, the stock characters are being taken place into a modern film showing that there are still tons of comparison to connect…

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