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  • The Terror: The French Revolution

    response to the conflict between the Girondins and The Mountains. During this time, the Committee of Public Safety executed thousands of internal “enemies of the revolution” (“Report in the Name,” 47). Although many argue otherwise, The Terror was not a perversion of the original ideals of the revolution because the ideals of the revolution were to gain more equality for the people of France, and the punishments that occurred were necessary and the cultural changes, in fact, benefited the citizens. As seen through the voices of the Third Estate and its supporters, one of the fundamental goals of the French Revolution was to gain equality and freedom for citizens. In the Town of…

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  • The Importance Of Suspects Of The French Revolution

    The most accountable group for the Terror is undoubtedly the Committee of Public Safety. This committee did a tremendous job at spreading fear and paranoia throughout the remainder of the Revolution and becoming everything that they swore to defeat. The members were all equal, but none is more popular today than Robespierre. He was a man who prided himself on being incorruptible, but his actions prove that this is not the case as he slowly turned into a dictator. The Committee of Public Safety…

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  • Consequences Of The Reign Of Terror

    of life for citizens living in France was being created. However, the only way to control the citizens to adapt to the new way to act and behave in society was through violence. Any individual who started to speak or act bad against the current government, was considered a rebel and would need to be punished. The guillotine was put and used to kill innocent people and set an example that others would face the same punishment. Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety would rule over…

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  • Reign Of Terror Justified Essay

    horrifying period during the French Revolution all began in the year 1792 when former King Louis XVI was executed for treason. The following year, Maximilien Robespierre took control of France through the Committee of Public Safety. From that point on, the country of France went into a time of mourning and brought great suffering among millions. Was the Reign of Terror, a time of depression and tremendous agony, a reasonable act? In the eyes of many, it was not reasonable due to all the effects…

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  • The Reign Of Terror: Was It Justified?

    people who couldn’t defend themselves, but he eventually came to believe that “social protection is due only [to] peaceful citizens” (Doc G). He believed that although the Revolution was meant to help peasants and the Reign of Terror was meant to protect the Revolution, the only way all people could ensure their safety was through being peaceful. Eventually, there was no way to guarantee anyone’s safety. In June of 1794, the government denied legal counsel to “enemies of the revolution”. This…

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  • Reign Of Terror Essay

    The French Revolution’s ‘Reign of Terror’ was unjustified in both the context in which it was created and in retrospect. The reign of terror was used by Maximilien Robespierre to consolidate his own power and influence in the country and provided no productive solutions to many major underlying socio-economic issues. It also led to the ultimate downfall of everything the French Revolution stood for as a result of the thousands of wrongful public executions and convictions. Maximilien…

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  • Why Did The French Revolution Have A Stable Society

    The National Convention tried to make France a stable and prosperous society by giving all men the right to vote. They created the committee of public safety. It was made up of 12 members and they had absolute power, which they used to try to save the revolution. Since the country was threatened by many other countries trying to put an end to their revolution, the committee forced military draft for all French males. Everyone had to pay so that they can contribute to the war effort. The…

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  • How Did Robespierre Influence The French Revolution

    He had enough power to execute anyone to the guillotine that outspoken him or were against his theories taking into consideration that through his high position was capable of acting on his ideals and did this by enacting the Reign of Terror. When he spoke of his ideals against the Revolution towards the public, they were captivated by his passion and thus, Robespierre was a representation of all the voices that had been silenced. It is estimated that around 25,000 deaths occurred due to the…

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  • Was The French Revolutionaries Justified To Be Justified Dbq Analysis

    people over a political stand off. Firstly, the government had the mindset of keeping people safe and they were succeeding. The government felt that creating the Committee of Public Safety would help protect their country. In December of 1793 the Committee of Public Safety cracked down on rebels. (Doc.…

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  • To What Extent Was Robespierre Justified

    The Reign of Terror: Was it Justified? A kitten desperately howls as her assertive owner restricts her wish to roam the danger filled streets. In the eyes of the naive kitten, the owner’s consideration for her safety is perceived as nothing but an unjust limitation to her individual freedom. Robespierre’s duty as the ruler is similar to the one of a pet owner. The kitten, who represents the French counterrevolutionists, cluelessly whines against the owner because she does not know what is best…

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