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  • Challenges Of Smallholder Commercialization

    Smallholder commercialization is considered as a grand design development strategy in many African countries. This is because growing evidence is indicating that the success of agricultural productivity depend on the expansion of market opportunities (Gabre-Madhin & Haggblade, 2004; Njuki, et, al, 2011). Commercial transformation of subsistence oriented smallholder agriculture is an indispensable pathway towards sustainable development of the agricultural sector (world Bank, 2008), economic growth and development (Timmer (1997) and sustainable household food security and welfare (Pingali, 1997). As the result, policy makers, agricultural research institues and development organizations in Africa are shifting attention…

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  • Urbanization And Commercialization

    Humankind’s interactions with nature changed during the Middle Ages due to many factors, but the most important of these factors were agricultural technology and the commercializing of its economy. Arguments over the factors that caused this change in the interaction between man and nature can be seen in the works of Lynn White, Lisa Kiser, and Elspeth Whitney. Lynn White argues that agricultural technology did change how man interacted with nature, but he believes that the Christian religion of…

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  • Commercialization Of Abortion

    The Historic Struggle of Life and Choice In the pre-1800s, there was no definite rule of the land on the abortion; there was only civil law tradition of punishing abortion if abortion is done after the fetus was viable; the standard of whether the fetus was viable was “quickening”. After the quickening, women abort the fetus were charged less than the murder (Lecture Feb. 2; page 5). In the 1821-1841, the abortion providers were criminalized in the few state level, but still the…

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  • The Commercialization Of Intercollegiate Athletics

    According to Ridpath (2008), the increase in public popularity of intercollegiate athletic had opened the door to the commercialization of college sports. Excessive commercialism, unethical behavior, and the exploitation of student athletes are said to be instrumental detractors from the overall mission of higher education (Weight et al., 2015). This perception is prevalent by some of today’s faculty (Ridpath, 2008). However, when it comes to views on the commercialization of intercollegiate…

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  • Nanotechnology Commercialization Case Study

    V. Challenges for Nanotechnology Commercialisation : New inventions based on new technology, usually attract attention due to their ingenuity, but a product must also be useful and compelling, enabling it to be used in everyday life. The objective of the firm is to identify a market for its new products [5]. From a business perspective, the steps to be followed for the successful commercialization of a nanotechnology based product include market size, market potential, and the economic scenario…

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  • Essay On Kids: The Commercialization Of Kids

    Throughout the years, the youth culture has been influenced by the media. Children and teenagers have been exposed to too many ads, causing them to believe that “life is about getting and spending”. Nowadays it is common to hear a child complaining about how he dislikes his IPad cover because it is not his favorite color or how he has a tablet but not a cell phone. Kids have become consumerist, dependent of the products sold by the media. This is shown in the documentary “Consuming Kids: The…

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  • Importance Of Commercialization Of Traditional Knowledge

    Commercialization of Traditional Knowledge: A Wake up Call Introduction: ‘Traditional knowledge’ is the biggest boon and gift from our ancestors and every individual is free to access it. Traditional knowledge is “The customary practices of a particular community that passes down from generation to generation thereby becoming an inevitable part of daily routine”. The issue of monopolization of traditional knowledge in India began with the turmeric and from then on so many issues cropped up and…

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  • Commercialization Of Hip Hop Culture

    Commercialization is normally associated with negative effects yet it has enlarged the rap audience greatly. As a result, commercialization has increased revenue for artists and labels. It has also resulted in increased funding for the production of rap, as well as, funding for independent labels that sign groups that may not get signed by major labels. Commercialization has taken hip-hop out of urban areas and placed it in the lap of suburban America. Suburban America has obviously eaten it…

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  • Commercialization Of Hip Hop Analysis

    Cultural Hijacking: The Commercialization of the Hip Hop Genre Ever since the formative years of the recorded music industry, Africana artists have played a major role in shaping some of the most influential music genres of the 20th century. Jazz, blues, and hip hop, to name a few, would not exist in the current state that they do today had it not been for all of the great artists who overcame racial intolerance and segregation through their art. Unfortunately, the period of social…

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  • Consuming Kids The Commercialization Of Childhood Analysis

    The Documentary, Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood, made in 2008, places needed light on the marketing practices of corporations used to make lifelong consumers. The director of this documentary spotlights the advertising practices done by companies to sell products to children, no matter how deceptive and manipulative. More specifically, the director draws attention to the negative repercussions caused by advertisements. Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood…

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