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  • Descriptive Essay: When I Woke Up In The Gym

    has changed. It’s a weird thing to miss, I know, but it’s better than thinking of all the big things. I’ve been walking for a bit, following the stream that runs parallel to the gym. This stream didn’t exist until a month ago; hopefully it won’t exist for too much longer. The wall I’m leaning on is slightly damp, the bricks catch my ugly yellow charity sweatshirt and I look out at the stream again rushing off into the distance. God I hate this stream. With that I turn back to where I came from, I think it’s almost breakfast time. Most of the occupants of the gym are sluggishly shuffling to the food table. I snag another granola bar and head to my cot. My aunt is still asleep, but my parents’ cots are empty. I grab my toothbrush and join the zombies shuffling to the bathroom. A long line and a quick piss later I am brushing my teeth in the mostly clean water. Later, after breakfast and lunch I go with a cleanup crew to help pick up branches and other debris that still covers the town. The truck we are riding is one of the only vehicles we have, not many cars can handle the off-road conditions. I’m assigned Canal Street today, what an ironic name, considering now it is what it was named after. We are setting up sand bags to make it less ironic. God I hate this street. After dinner a few of the other teens and I are sorting some donations. Our numbers are dwindling as more family’s move out to find a new home. I don’t really miss any of them. They all did that crying thing, I…

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  • Expeditionary Combat Support System Case Study

    THE EXPEDITIONARY COMBAT SUPPORT SYSTEM (ECSS) The Expeditionary Combat Support System was meant to be an improvement in the methodology the United States Air Force used in managing its logistics by applying an enterprise resource planning solution. The enterprise resource planning solution to be developed was to replace the outdated Air Force computer systems with a single integrated system so that the Air Force could provide an auditable set of financial records which had been a challenge in…

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  • Zara Fast Fashion Essay

    operational costs and increase productivity.BUSINESS OPERATIONCURRENT STATEFUTURE STATEORDERINGManual process to check inventory for ordering using handheld devices.Automatic process that sends order based on current inventory. Ability to forecast future demand and trends. Leverage inventory optimization models.FULFILMENTManual process conducted by commercials to match supply and demand. Lacked ability to access store needs.Automatic process that leverage optimized supply-demand…

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  • Mouse Trap Advertisement Analysis

    of this technique was implemented by the use of the mouse in the commercial. At the beginning of the commercial, there was a regular sized mouse hole, which implies that there was a regular sized mouse about to appear. The expectation of the small mouse was exaggerated by Figure 5, which shows that the man is significantly larger and more dominating than the mouse. The viewer had begun to expect that the mouse is going to be small. But once the mouse breaks through the wall, the reality is shown…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Keystone Commercial

    and a fun time can attract anyone to a product. That is what the beer company Keystone is going for in their commercials. Their commercial usually consist of a beautiful girl and a blue collar looking man saying something nice to the beautiful girl ultimately sweeping her off her feet. The commercial I watched used a figure head of a blue-collar man. They used a beautiful woman in distress and shows their product helping them win the beautiful woman over and the use of comedy with the weird…

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  • Jasmax Case Study

    the internet, I will indicate in this report the sort of software that this architect company use or suggest the software that they likely to use as well as point out what type of user will utilize that particular software. 2. Company profile Jasmax is a private enterprise type of business. It is one of the largest and leading architecture and practice design firm in New Zealand. With over 50 years of experiences, Jasmax also known as the longest establish architects company. During this…

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  • Erp Implantation Case Study

    Either a commercial off the shelf tool or developing an in house solution can be analyzed by understanding your business complexity. If your company is small you may choose to implement a cloud ERP solution, or if it is simple enough and you have the in house talent an in house solution would be a better choice. If your company is large and your processes do not align easily to the processes existing in the mainline ERP systems, you may need extensive customizations. So how do you choose, and…

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  • IAF Advantage

    The new-DIB can substantially reduce costs involved in military procurement and bring in commercial elements to whole defence acquisition/procurements. The whole new approach is necessitated by the change in typical war strategies adopted by enemies. Digital warfare, Un-manned vehicles and internal enemies are more prevalent which do not necessarily require high tech aircraft to be deployed. Countries are moving towards creating allies and sharing of technologies between likeminded nations is a…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Coca-Cola

    In their Super Bowl commercial, “Brotherly Love”, Coca-Cola uses the rhetorical mode Pathos, which entails tying into the consumer’s emotions, to market their product as being a constant in a life filled with memories and change: Coke has always been…

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  • ERP Implementation Process

    ERP software. With the requirement analysis, the company should review a checklist of activities to ensure they are choosing the right ERP system for their business. It is important for a company to select a system that fits with their specific organizations goals and competitive strategy. The tools and technology utilized within the requirement analysis stage is to use the best practice models to see what the company can gain by implementing the new system. There are two options when…

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