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  • Dc Water Skills Training Research Paper

    Approximately ninety (90) days prior to the commencement of the commercial driver’s license training, the Strategic Partner Liaison or its designate, in coordination with DC Water’s Fleet Department or the District Department of Public Works, will establish a specified period whereby DC Water Works will begin its CDL Training Program. During this planning phase a date will be determined as to when Water Works will receive applications from the Stage 1 Basic Skills Training Partners. 2. During the first 30 days of the 90 day period, the Water Works Referral Liaison, in collaboration with the third party consultant team, when applicable, will identify a venue to convene the targeted recruitment event. Typically, all Water Works recruitment events are held in the Department of Housing and Community…

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  • Reflection On The Trainer Unprofessionalism

    Though I was happy to start a new job, but, met with disappointment and frustration during my Commercial Driver License training, because of the trainer negative professionalism. However, during the course of my training one faces a series of issues regarding the process of training. But, the way the trainer conducted herself created an atmosphere of uneasiness which resulted in fear and nervousness. Nevertheless, I was very perturb of trainer unprofessionalism and treatment towards me. As a…

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  • Illegal Migration Case Study

    Giving illegal immigrants driver’s license would help law enforcement catch terrorist faster; As Bruce Schneier, Security technologist and prolific author on security-related issues informs “The state driver’s license databases are . . . more complete, and contain more information . . . than the IRS database, the Social Security database, or state birth certificate databases. As such, they are an invaluable police tool — for investigating crimes, tracking down suspects, and proving guilt.”(Why…

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  • Elderly Age Should Be Able To Drive Essay

    drive to work every weekend. Being able to drive saves everyone time. Driving is a privilege that citizens of the United States can do. Driving is something that many people take advantage of. Being able to drive makes getting to a place a lot faster and easier than walking or even riding a bike. Because driving is a privilege, individuals can lose their privilege of driving. However, elderly people should not be excluded from having a driver’s license because of their age if they pass the…

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  • An Essay About My First Car

    the truck, especially when it was full of trash. Keep in mind that the truck that I was driving was not my personal car. I never started driver after a year after that. The very first car I ever drove and owned was a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. Black body, on black wheels and with black interior. when my parents told to come outside to see my car I loved it all around. I was very excited to not only sit inside it but to be able to drive it wherever, whenever. At first, I was not able to drive the…

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  • Why Distracted Teen Drivers Are Crashing

    driving safely” (4). Not all teens are ready to handle the responsibilities of driving when they turn sixteen. The more experience prior to driving with friends, the more prepared a person is going to be when it comes to handling these situations. One of the last distractions that leads to teen accidents is the stereo. Having music turned up really loud can prevent a driver from hearing sirens of emergency vehicles or warnings from trains. Adjusting your radio can take only a split second…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Challenges Of Driving

    Throughout life everyone is faced with challenging obstacles that they have to overcome, sadly I learned this for myself sooner than most. In October of 2012 I became a licensed driver in the state of Virginia. I was your typical sixteen year old boy with plans on taking road trips, modifying my car to increase its performance, and planning on never riding the school bus again. In three short months my world was turned upside down and I never thought it would be right again. It was December…

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  • Personal Essay: The Day I Received My First Car?

    I can remember the day I received my first car, It was six months after my sixteenth birthday, and I had already managed to somehow acquire my drivers license. It was April, the flowers were blooming, the weather had changed from bitter cold, to a warm and inviting temperature. I had just gotten home from school and my dad shouts, “Micaiah, let’s go check out some cars.” My heart was exploding with excitement, the thought of me actually being able to have a car of my own was the best news so…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Raising The Driving Age

    One disadvantage would be that they rely too much on their parents. Teenagers expect their parents to get them around everywhere at any time which may put them under pressure. Youngsters who are driving still expect their parents to be at hand whenever they need them. The top 5 issues relating to driving are car accidents, petrol, unable to start the car and the light on the dashboard. Car accidents is the main reason for people calling their parents with 23.6% and the lowest, 15.5% for flat…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Driving Changed My Life

    “ Of course!” I answered with much excitement. As we ran my friends who had already got their permit/license quized me. I answer as quickly as I could with the right answer. After practice I went home and took a shower, in the shower; With my permit I can drive, when I can drive I am an Adult. I was not ready to be an adult, I had only been on this planet for 16 years. I could not keep a cactus alive how was I able to keep myself alive. As I walked down stairs, I told my mom I was not ready to…

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