Importance Of Skills Training And Placement Program

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IX. Skills Training and Placement

DC Water will work with local development agencies, organizations and the contractor community to implement a process to expand the capacity of local residents to work with Contractors on DC Water projects. Such efforts will include development of a skills training and placement program.

The Skills Training and Placement Program will consist of three (3) stages:

A. Stage 1: Basic Skills Training

Local training providers will help create and maintain a pipeline of participants with soft skills and basic job skills training. These programs provide four (4) -12 weeks of classroom training where at minimum, Stage 1 participants will receive training in the following areas:

 Basic Math and Reading
 Construction
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Approximately ninety (90) days prior to the commencement of the commercial driver’s license training, the Strategic Partner Liaison or its designate, in coordination with DC Water’s Fleet Department or the District Department of Public Works, will establish a specified period whereby DC Water Works will begin its CDL Training Program. During this planning phase a date will be determined as to when Water Works will receive applications from the Stage 1 Basic Skills Training Partners.

2. During the first 30 days of the 90 day period, the Water Works Referral Liaison, in collaboration with the third party consultant team, when applicable, will identify a venue to convene the targeted recruitment event. Typically, all Water Works recruitment events are held in the Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) Housing Resource Center Conference Room which is in close proximity to the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation, where the Anacostia Water Works Job Center is located. To reserve the conference room, the point of contact is Ms. Pamela Hillsman-Johnson, 202-442-7251 or or her designate.

DCHD requires the completion of an Event Reservation Form (or its formal name). The reservation form needs to be completed prior to sending out the invitation. The form requires the following information prior to approval: (Insert information here. Waiting for form from
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Sixty (60) days prior the start of the skills trade training program, the DC Water Works Team (which includes the third party consultants, if applicable) and a representative from DC Water Fleet Department or the District Department of Public Works will schedule a targeted recruitment event. The purpose of the targeted recruitment event is to provide general orientation about DC Water’s commercial driver’s license training program and interview eligible applicants received from the Basic Skills Stage 1 partners.

4. During the 30 to 60 day recruitment period, the Strategic Partner Liaison or its designate, will receive five (5) applications from each Basic Skills Stage 1 partner for review and consideration). Is this where the Workforce Investment Council’s Ombudsman will step in? Once the applications have been received, the Strategic Partner Liaison will review each resume to determine the eligibility for consideration. 5. After the initial review by the Strategic Partner Liaison, they will forward the resumes to the Water Works Referral Liaison or third party consulting team for final review.

6. The Water Works Referral Liaison or third party consulting team will forward the resumes to the representative from DC Water’s Fleet Department or from the District Department of Public

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