Pros And Cons Of Raising The Driving Age

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A topic which causes a lot of controversy is raising the legal driving age. In America, teenagers can start driving before they are even able to vote, drink alcohol or smoke. In my opinion, although not every 16-year-old may be a dangerous driver, there are people who don’t take any precautions when driving so, therefore, raising the driving age would put things at ease by making the public a lot safer.

There are many advantages of raising the legal driving age. One main advantage would be that raising it, would prevent fatal car accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, roughly 2,823 teenagers aged 13-19, died because of car accidents in 2012. This is 68% less from 1975 and 7% less than 2011. Also, on average, 2
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One disadvantage would be that they rely too much on their parents. Teenagers expect their parents to get them around everywhere at any time which may put them under pressure. Youngsters who are driving still expect their parents to be at hand whenever they need them. The top 5 issues relating to driving are car accidents, petrol, unable to start the car and the light on the dashboard. Car accidents is the main reason for people calling their parents with 23.6% and the lowest, 15.5% for flat tyres. As well as asking their parents for “lifts”, teenagers may need a driving license to help them with future jobs. Often, a lot of employers need people working for them who are able to drive. This allows teenagers to start planning for their future, giving them a head start in finding …show more content…
Raising the legal driving age may suggest that people do not have any trust in teenagers, simply believing that they are more dangerous than anyone else on the roads. According to the RAC Foundation, 12% of people hurt, involved in a car crash, is due to young drivers aged 17 and 19. This could further influence people to believe that young people are more likely to be the cause of accidents on the road, losing their trust. It can affect them mentally as it may lead them to think they are not capable of being responsible or independent, making them think they are not good enough.
In conclusion, I am undecided as to whether I believe the legal driving age should be increased or not. As I’ve mentioned, there are many advantages to increase it but there are also many disadvantages too making it even harder to decide. In my opinion, if it is decided whether to keep the legal driving age the same or to change it, young drivers should always remain responsible and understand that there are many consequences which will take place if they don’t follow the “Highway

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