Commercial fishing

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  • What Is The Consequences Of Commercial Fishing And The Overfishing Of The Oceans?

    origins in commercial fishing and the overfishing of our oceans. A two year study was conducted by Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography that showed 90% of big fish (swordfish and tuna) had been depleted from the ocean. A federal law was proposed to protect the oceans from overfishing but it was not approved. Jackson claims that, because fish populations are so low, 30-50% of the ocean may need to be protected from fishing in order for the populations to…

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  • Commercial Fishing Research Paper

    Commercial fishing has rapidly depleted many of the ocean’s resources. Herring are one species of fish that have been harvested to the brink of extinction in the last century. In the mid-1900s herring were in high demand in the food industry [1]. Millions of pounds of herring were harvested from the ocean in the last century. These massive harvesting totals took its toll on the population over time. Phil Levin, a marine ecologist, recently remarked that throughout the Pacific, “what you see is a…

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  • A Cold And Windy Day

    On a cold and windy day Robert James an Oysterman and resident of lower Terrebonne Parish, was devastated when he arrived at his workplace. He went to dredge the oyster beds to make some money for upcoming bills and came to a conclusion that someone had illegally fished his beds. Many people in lower Terrebonne Parish depend on commercial fishing to make a living. Robert paid for his lease to fish the oyster beds and someone else basically took his paycheck from him. When people commit illegal…

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  • Causes Of Overfishing

    Because population in the USA is rising, so is the demand for seafood and amount commercial fishing. Almost half of marine life has been killed since 1970 because of commercial fishing and climate change together. This is any issue that has been going on for quite a while. It is a problem for many people in the US and for people in other countries all over the world as well. In 1996 the legislature passed an act called the Fisheries Conservation Act. Unfortunately this act did not work and the…

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  • 6 Pros And Cons Of Overfishing

    Fishing. People enjoy it a lot as a hobby or career whether it’s for a bonding experience between family or friends or a way to survive. But could it be too much? We have of plenty of fish, right? Wrong. Small fishing in ponds, lakes, and sea sides by one or two people won’t make much of a difference, but with the main fishing companies hauling thousands to millions of marine life out of the oceans daily, it will be. This is overfishing; depleting stocks of fish in a body of water by too much…

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  • Genetically Modified Fish In Aquaculture

    Now in the 21st century, fish is becoming the world’s largest wild food source. Fish are a very important and highly consumed resource for the majority of the world, but in the wild, it is in limited supply. With commercial fishing increasing higher and higher yields of fish, the supply of available fish is becoming increasingly low. Fishing grounds that once used to be thriving with stocks of fish are becoming an expended resource. “Fish consumption increased by 31% from 1990 to 1997 but the…

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  • The Effects Of Overfishing And Overexploitation Of Fishery Species

    A fishery is a broad term used to describe any activity involving the harvesting of aquatic and marine animals, mainly fish. A fishery can refer to the fishing vessel, equipment and crew involved in the harvesting; the area that the fishing activity occurs in; and/or the species of interest. These can be wild captured seafood or seafood harvested through aquaculture. Commercial fisheries can also refer to the whole process of catching, processing and marketing the seafood for sale and involves…

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  • The Dangers Of Overfishing In America

    or approximately 15.8 pounds of fish and shellfish per person a year (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The United States today, with a population of 318.9 million and only increasing, the demand for seafood has never been greater (United States Census Bureau). Subsequently, fishermen are catching more and more fish from the oceans due to many ocean fisheries being “open access”, meaning fishermen can fish all they want with no limits and earn more money. This quickly leads to…

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  • Pacific Northwest Salmon

    Logging, agricultural practices, poor hatchery practices, commercial fishing, climate change, and pollution are just a few of hundreds of other reasons that have caused salmon to decline. Logging may not seem to have a large impact on salmon considering trees grow on land and anadromous fish live in water, but it does more than ever. Not only does the removal of trees around riparian areas warm water temperatures, but it leads to many more implications. Erosion and mass sedimentation becomes a…

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  • Overfishing By Charles Clover Summary

    Charles Clover addresses the serious issue of overfishing and the impacting is having around various oceans around the world. Clover argues that the current fishing practices and illegal fishing along with the use of high tech equipments, are reducing fish stocks significantly, for larger quantities of fish are being taken out of the ocean at a rate that is impossible for fish stocks to recover in number and survive. He analyzes the situation showing how the fish crisis is affecting today and…

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