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  • Discipline And Power In Pakistan

    airborne forces. The Special Service Group is one of the most dangers groups known forces World Wide. To join the Special Service Group as an Officer you must have at least two years of prior military experience, and to if you are a Non-Commissioned Officer or Enlisted you have to volunteer from other formations. They also have to go through rigorous training to become a part of the Special Service group. The first thing they have to do is complete a 50 mile ruck march in 14 hours, and complete a 12 mile run in an hour and 50 minutes in full gear. Second they must go through airborne training to get there Commando Wings. The Commando Wing Airborne School last about four weeks, and to get there wings they must complete five day jumps and three night jumps. After that they go through the most difficult training of the entire course, which is called the Advance Commando Course. The course last about 25 weeks and the last part of the course is all hand to hand combat, and only about five percent of the recruits actually make it through. The Pakistani Army doesn’t just have a great Special Service Group they also have a great Air Defense defense strategy. The Pakistani Army Air Defense Command is an active military administrative combat staff corps of the Pakistan Arm. It is also a major combative formation tasked with air drenches of the country from foreign threats. The Command was formed after Pakistani Military learned of its weakness in providing air cover to a…

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  • Technology In The Military Research Paper

    It could be argued that technological progression drives development of new doctrine and practices for amphibious operations. The complexity and demand for the integration and co-operation of military personnel, logistics and fire support encourages implementing new concepts for amphibious operations. Further to this, the technology available will directly impact how any amphibious operations would be undertaken and drive the change in the doctrine and the forces that deploy. States spend money…

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  • Summary: The Birth Of Plymouth Barracuda

    Chrysler realized the Plymouth Barracuda would be more than capable of holding its own with a few performance upgrades. They developed the company’s first high-performance small block engine. The Commando V8 with an impressive 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, fitted with a [four barrel spread bore carburetor], easily produced 235 HP. This led to the launch of the first factory performance package known as the Barracuda Formula S. It included the Commando V8 engine and an exterior styling package…

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  • The Raid On Entebbe

    article, “We thought this would be the end of us': the raid on Entebbe, 40 years on”, Jonathan Freedland stated this quote from an unknown Israeli special forces operative “Lie down, don’t get up. The army is here, the army is here”, during an active hostage rescue mission. When Air France Flight 139 took off from Tel Aviv bound for Paris, no one on board could foresee the flight being hijacked. As the plane stopped in Athens for fuel, 4 terrorists boarded. Eventually, the plane landed in…

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  • Michael Flynn Firm Limits Themes

    O.R. #2 (Due 11/03): Briefly identify the main conflict in the story. The main conflict of the story, Term Limits by Michael Flynn is that there has been enough outrage created by corrupt politicians that it has led to a team of Commandos imposing ‘Term Limits’ on these politicians who refuse to give in to demands which have been set forth. These Commandos are disgusted with the back door dealings of all elected and unelected Politicians, be it in the White House, and Congress. It is shown…

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  • Human Rights In Elie Wiesel's Night

    found to have kept any of these will be shot on the spot.” (Elie Wiesel Night 24) Another example of this right being violated was when Elies gold tooth was extracted. “I shall remove your gold crown, that’s all,” (Elie Wiesel Night 52) To go as far as to take their teeth out was extremely cruel. A right that was disrespected every single day during the time of the Holocaust was one’s right to rest. It is obvious to anyone who has any knowledge of the Holocaust that the prisoners were abused…

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  • The Sorrow Of War Analysis

    There are several instances in the novel where characters take actions that readers perceive to be unexpected, and this leads readers to believe that the only thing certain about the Vietnam War is that people are going to act in uncertain ways. For example, a military scout, Can, describes a time where he is in battle fighting enemy ARVN Commandos, and a commando lands in a bomb crater that he is hiding in. Expectantly, Can “stab[s] him twice in the chest through his camouflage, then once more…

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  • Tomb Raider Analysis

    Raider opens with the main character Lara Croft fights with a large robot inside of an ancient tomb. She defeats the robot with fantastic skill and it reveals that the scene takes place in a practice arena in her home. The opening introduces the setting of Lara as a tomb raider. Later, Lara finds a mystery clock in a secret room in her house, it discovers there is a strange device hidden inside the clock. Actually the clock is the key to retrieve two halves of the mystic Triangle of Light, Mr.…

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  • Bicycle Rider And The Bulldozer: A Brief Analysis

    this battle that Gadi was hit and became semi-paralyzed for life. Despite this, he married, established a business, and contributes to our local community. He is a hero in more ways than one, another everyday hero. Just in Case—Precaution Sometimes it turns out that a suspected terrorist is not actually a terrorist. But in Israel one cannot take chances. Apprehending these individuals also involves risk. Zion Square An Arab in Zion Square in Jerusalem pulled out a gun. In the blink of an eye a…

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  • Marines In World War 2 Essay

    Marines in World War II Marines were an important branch of the military in World War II. They are known for fighting many important battles, however they also had well known specialized branches. Their presence in World War II was crucial in winning the war. Marines were the true heroes of World War Two because of the Marine Raiders, Battle of Iwo Jima, and the Battle of Okinawa. The Marines were very important and remain famous figures in American history. When America joined World War II,…

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