Michael Flynn Firm Limits Themes

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O.R. #2 (Due 11/03):
Briefly identify the main conflict in the story. The main conflict of the story, Term Limits by Michael Flynn is that there has been enough outrage created by corrupt politicians that it has led to a team of Commandos imposing ‘Term Limits’ on these politicians who refuse to give in to demands which have been set forth. These Commandos are disgusted with the back door dealings of all elected and unelected Politicians, be it in the White House, and Congress. It is shown throughout the thriller that some people will do so many horrible things in order to stay in power, things that would make the U.S.A. look horrid if it was ever released. In the end, the demands of the assassins are given into, but only due to the fact that
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13 Percent of people, when you only have about 1 in 10 people support what you’re doing, you’re probably doing something horribly wrong and require a shakeup. But that shakeup will never happen, and this is the reason that the boil over occurs in Term Limits and this is the overall reason why Michael Flynn, the author makes this book so realistic. It’s because this all could …show more content…
This is due to the fact that the good guy, Michael O’Rourke isn’t shown to be so good in the beginning of the novel. As in the start, Michael condones the death of the politicians as he thinks that they also deserve to die. This isn’t something which is usually seen out of a ‘good’ person, as they’re supposed to always seek justice and fairness. Michael shows this in a quote when his assistant asks him what he thinks about the recent deaths of powerful politicians Fitzgerald, Downs, and Koslowski, “I don’t think our country will miss the likes of Fitzgerald, Downa, and Koslowski” (Page 77) This quote is strong, and shows that Michael leans towards the side of the only people that are actually attempting to make real change in Washington, the commandos. Another character, a friend of Michaels through his grandfather and an ex CIA agent, Augie Jackson states a powerful quote when discussing Michaels and Seamus O’Rourkes involvement in the murders, “I happen to think what you’re doing is 20 years overdue” (Page382) which shows that even people that are fully dedicated to their country know when enough is enough and radical change is needed. On the flip side of things, the Evil in the novel is shown through an abundance of characters who just don’t want to lose their grip on the power and the greed that Washington bestows upon them. These characters are Stu Garret,

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