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A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office. For a while now, citizens in the United States have started to support this idea more and more. Reality is that they’re a bad idea that would worsen the problem of power among some of those already in Washington (Price). Since 1973, 28,537 bills dealing with term limits have been requested. None of them had been approved. Looking into the future, the probability that anymore will be enacted is 0% (Gilani). In another sense, an employee who’s highly skilled in any other job field would not be fired simply because they’ve been around for too long (Keane). The main focus is that term limits are unconstitutional, disregard experience, and are about voter involvement.
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Although they are aware of the job that they are doing, they still need some time to get use to how things work in that particular office firm. On average, an entire term (2 years) is used by legislators to figure out how things are supposed to be done (Alpert). By electing new legislators, the experience that those already in office took the time to get over this time would be lost (Weeks). They know what they are doing and things will, with success, get done quicker than those who may have no idea what they should be doing. This knowledge and experience would continue to be lost in time if term limits were in affect (Green). This is acknowledgeable experience gained that term limits would only destroy the value of in the long run (Loudon). Those already in office have promises they want to fulfill while they’re in office, but sometimes, those promises take time. Term limits would allow non-experienced legislators to take over the promises of these previous legislators because they simply didn’t have enough time to go through with it

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