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  • Comfort Theory: The Concepts Of Comfort Theory

    Comfort Theory, developed by Katharine Kolcaba, proclaims that providing comfort interventions a holistic approach can lead to positive outcomes, health seeking behaviors, and improved health-care delivery system. Comfort can be difficult to define and subjective to every person. However, Kolbaca used other theories to propose three types of comfort: relief, ease, and transcendence. Relief comes when a specific comfort is met, while ease is a state of calm or contentment. Transcendence occurs when the individual learns to cope with the discomfort or “rises above” (p. 382-383). Comfort and discomfort can be perceived in on or more of the following contexts; physical, psychospiritual, environmental, and sociocultural (p. 382). In order for…

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  • Taasho System Of Comfort Women

    government in a vulnerable state where the image was tainted by various atrocities. By confining rape and sexual abuse to military-controlled facilities, the Japanese hoped to restore the image of the Imperial Army, especially in a war that required a mass mobilization of the nation. As well as preventing any anti-Japanese sentiment among those peoples in the occupied territories to ensure there would be no rebellions or any backlash while the Japanese were focusing on the war. Comfort women…

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  • Korean Comfort Women

    felt during the Japanese era." –Niyem (A Korean woman who was forced to be a sex slave during the World War II) This quote expresses the horrid life experience of many different women during the World War II. As full scale war advanced in 1930s, Japan felt the necessity to devise a system of “comfort” and “leisure” for their soldiers. The soldiers were inclined to seek sexual outlets in the local society. Because Japanese soldiers were indiscriminately committing rape they often contracted…

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  • Comfort Women Essay

    “military comfort women” during World War Two when Korea was under Japanese rule. In fact, a ‘comfort woman’ is an inappropriate word for the female victims; a ‘sex slave’ is the correct term. Although the sex slave is the right term, people use the ‘comfort women’ because it is well known by many people and sounds smoother than the sex slave. When Korea was under Japanese rule,…

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  • Japan's Comfort Women Book Review

    In Japan’s Comfort Women, subtitled the Sexual slavery and prostitution during World War II and the US occupation, the author Yuki Tanaka unearths a topic largely undiscussed throughout history. Published by Routledge in 2002, Tanaka goes into depth about the history of the exploitation of thousands of women used as comfort women, a euphemism for sexual slavery, for Japanese soldiers. The book is broken up into six chapters, including an epilogue, which focus on the different areas regarding…

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  • J. Muunted Atkins Library: An Analysis

    to go if you want to sit and think. But particularly it is a place where books live, and where you can get in touch with other people, and other thoughts, through books” (“Letters to the Children of Troy”). Libraries customarily serve as providers of vast arrays of knowledge, provoking introspection and musing enabling the creation of original notions serving as a haven for independent thought, but also as an area to exchange knowledge. In the case of the J. Murrey Atkins Library—explicitly the…

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  • Comfort Theory Of Comfort

    The career of nursing focus on the importance to take a good patient care. One’s a person heard the work nursing, always think about the patient’s well-being and comfort. Comfort and nursing are very relate with each other because it is the nurse’s desire outcome. Comfort have been used since the beginning of the nursing as a profession in which the most important topic was the ease of the patients. When Mrs. Kolcaba decided to create the theory of comfort, she always wanted us nurses to…

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  • Why Comfort Food Comforts Analysis

    found that the majority of people in the US go to pizza as their favorite comfort food (Whitten), but the information makes the reader wonder why people eat comfort food to feel better in the first place. In the article “Why Comfort Food Comforts” written by Cari Romm, the author is focused on studies to show why people eat comfort food. She also focuses on how people’s attachment style and childhood affects if a person would eat comfort food when stressed. Although “Why Comfort Food…

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  • A Gesture Life Summary

    A Gesture Life is about a Korean man Franklin “Doc” Hata, who was adopted at a young age and raised in a Japanese family. Hata is in his seventies, and lives in a suburban town, Bedley Run. He is content with his big house, and the relationships he has made from owning a local medical supply shop, “Sunny’s”, which he sold to a young couple. Hata begins to have flashbacks to his time serving for the Japanese army in Burma. He hides his Korean origins during his time in war, until a group of…

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  • Comfort Women

    to do, therefore it was harder to know what exactly was happening. As a result there have been some horrendous acts throughout the history of war that are not acknowledged. Although this issue has not been around for long, it has gained a support and opposition like no other. The comfort women of World War II is a topic that is void of mainstream media, due to many reasons. This has been an issue for the past twenty years for politicians, but for the women it has been a struggle they have had to…

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