Special Olympics

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  • Special Olympics Case Study

    The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, with a mission of providing year round training and competitions to more than 4.5 million athletes in 170 countries. Special Olympics is a 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization based out of Washington, DC. The organization helps provide a place for children and adults with disabilities to interact in physical activities and competition boosting self-esteem and encouragement. Special Olympics founder is Eunice Kennedy shiver, sister of John F. Kennedy who realized how those with disabilities could benefit from sports activities. There have been many famous supporters of the program since the beginning of the program in…

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  • Special Olympics Population Analysis Paper

    This paper is being written to identify and provide demographic information on a population that I am providing services while learning. The name of the organization I am working with over the spring break is identified as Special Olympics. Special Olympics has a lot of remarkable individuals, the only entity different about these individuals are their mental capacity or physical impairment; their learning performances are slightly lower than the average person. Can special needs individual…

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  • Essay On Special Olympics

    Planning for Special Olympics Healthy Athletes: Tobacco Avoidance/Cessation The Special Olympics is a global movement to promote the health, wellness and acceptance of those with intellectual disabilities (ID). Special Olympics acts to raise awareness about the abilities and potential of those with ID through sports (“Special olympics: What we do”, 2016). It also aims to promote healthier lifestyles among the athletes by providing health promotion and screening stations at Special Olympics…

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  • Essay On Special Olympics Health Promotion

    Health Screening and Health Promotion Education Activity: Special Olympics Experience The overall goal of the health promotion and screening stations at the Special Olympics is to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles among Special Olympics athletes. The Special Olympics health promotion and screening venue was an incredible learning experience for both us and the athletes. This paper will discuss our overall Special Olympics health promotion and screening experience. It will include the…

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  • Tally In Uglies

    All an ugly has ever dreamt of is to be pretty. What does is mean to be pretty? Does it mean just a symmetrical face, exquisite bone structure, and flawless skin? Or is there so much more that is all kept a secret? In Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Uglies, Tally Youngblood is just another ugly longing for her sixteenth birthday on which she is to turn pretty. All is well until she finds out that being pretty isn’t really as beautiful as it seems. Throughout the novel the theme of appearance showed…

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  • The Uglies Book Report

    Cable, David, the rangers, and David’s parents. Dr. Cable is the leader of the city and works at a place called special circumstances. David is the leader of a secret city called the smoke; it was formed by David’s parents who are runaway doctors from the big city consisting of: New pretty town and Uglyville. The rangers take care of the forest and all of the plants outside of the city. They live in their own city by themselves. The Uglies is the beginning of a very long story, starting with…

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  • Analysis Of Tally's Pretties And Specials

    change is being forced upon us.” In Tally’s world no words could be more true. Pretties and Specials are the second and third books in the Uglies series. Within the trilogy the story follows Tally, a young girl who finds out what is truly happening in her society. In Tally’s futuristic city people undergo an operation on their sixteenth birthday to become a “Pretty” the operation alters their looks and their brains. During the operation a lesion is put in everyone’s brain to make them forget…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Publishing Student Images

    Publishing Student Images At the beginning of the school year, parents are asked to sign a consent and release of liability agreement that allows the district to post student images for non-profit purposes. Provided there is parental consent, images may be posted on the school website and social media sites. When it comes to special populations, staff are frequently concerned about violating a student’s right to privacy. Ethical issues arise when images are posted that identify individual…

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  • Ancient Greek Religion: The Influence Of The Olympic Games

    The Olympic games are an international sport festival that is watched by millions of people across the globe. These special games have developed into something much bigger than entertainment purposes. Instead, they have radically changed world culture by uniting all the people in the world with sport. Competitions featuring the world’s greatest athletes and cultures are present at this special occasion. Although, the games are founded to be cultural, emotional and entertaining, the leading…

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  • Special Needs Children

    “What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning” (Grassley). Special needs children are picked on and made fun of more than what people consider normal children. The children with special needs are sometimes made to feel ugly, unwanted, different, and many other things by their peers. Our goal is to make the special needs children feel wonderful about themselves. Make them believe that they are just as…

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