Species Survival Plan

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Captivity

    of animal captivity. In the episode Morgan See, Morgan Do, from the television show Inside Man, Morgan Spurlock investigates the morality and functionality of differing zoos and sanctuaries. Spurlock focuses heavily on the function of zoos, ranging from their role of human entertainment to conservation. The species survival plan, a breeding program that helps populate AZA accredited zoos with captive animals, is one of the most well-known conservation acts that zoos accomplish. After consulting with the Chief Life Science officer at the Detroit Zoo about the species survival plan, Spurlock inquires, “This means they’re breeding generations of animals that aren’t really wild. How does this affect their quality of life?” He displays a biased attitude toward it by only mentioning what it fails to do and in turn challenges the functionality of the species survival plan. Also, Spurlock questions the zoo’s full honesty when he claims, “No one wants animals to go extinct, but who is benefiting from the species survival plan? The animals or the zoos? They are sustaining a population, but they are also keeping their doors open.” He is suggesting that the species survival plan not only functions as a conservation method but also functions as an aid for the zoo’s profit. Spurlock puts forth the idea that numerous zoos are misleading the public about their intentions and what they represent. Pathos is one aspect of a convincing argument. Morgan Spurlock uses pathos to draw out the…

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  • Altruistic Vigilance

    Thus, the interrelation amidst the predator and prey consider the following dynamics: the preying species don't have any other predatory animals, which don't consume another resource of food than its target. Both species have population dynamics based on their fitness. When the prey spots a potential attacker, it alarms the others with a chance of survival that depends on the rate of the sentinels. A way to analyze this proposed dynamic is by constructing a model of a partial differential…

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  • Analysis Of Euroley Bridge Ecosystem

    officer for the Department of Environment and Climate Change to investigate the biological community present near Euroley Bridge, Yanco. During their time, they were to observe the various organisms that are found in the ecosystem, taking into account their surroundings amid this process. They were provided with a booklet that had various activities which were intrinsic to their Field reports such as a site plan and a profile-transect. From their observations and notes, the students were to…

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  • Chapter Summary Of Alfred Wallace's Into The Jungle

    However, there were different species of birds in Bali, Borneo, and the western islands of the archipelago compared to Lombok, New Guinea, and the eastern islands. On the western islands, there were white cockatoos, different species of honeysuckers and even megapods. On the eastern islands, there were woodpeckers, weavers, starlings and many other birds that were not present on the western islands. Even though both regions had different types of birds, the area shows the great population of…

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  • Who Is The Antagonist In Xenocide

    of living being on the planet, Lusitania, is going against each other for the greater good of their own species. The humans are dying off from the descolada, a disease that the pequeninos, an alien species that are structured like large pigs who can walk and talk, need in order to survive and move on to their third life as “fathertrees.” And the humans are trying to tame this descolada and have it no longer affect the lives of the humans, in doing so the pequeninos will no longer be able to move…

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  • The Detrimental Effects Of Deforestation And Pollution

    endangerment and extinction of hundreds of species. Sample and Cheng, authors of Forest Conservation Policy: A Reference Handbook, emphasize that, “Plant and animal species, many of them dependent on forest ecosystems, are quietly going extinct—at a rate faster than at any time since a comet smashed into Earth 60 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs” (1). Deforestation is eliminating shelters, destroying hunting grounds for carnivores, taking away food sources of herbivores, and,…

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  • The Way Of Life: The Importance Of Biodiversity

    glue. Having biodiversity means every species, no matter how small, is important to maintaining life in an ecosystem. Human activities are the main threat to biodiversity. Humans…

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  • Physical Differences Between Animal And Humans

    Most animals are capable of only the absolute simplest of tasks necessary for survival, and those capable of more complex tasks are still only capable of mildly complex tasks such as basic shelter building. Humans, in contrast, perform extraordinarily complex tasks such as performing mathematical calculations, building complex structures like modern housing, and crafting complex tooling such as cars and spaceships. This difference in ability sets humans apart from animals in their ability to…

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  • Jack And Ralph In Lord Of The Flies

    opposition. In regards to real life, this situation is a perfect example of how even authoritative people can always succumb to savagery and crumble with the breakdown of civilization if they believe it will aid them in survival. This type of breakdown is inevitable during the crumbling of a civilization, because rules would be the first thing to go in chaos. Without rules, no one tends to think about the best idea; it is more like the first idea, which isn’t usually going to be great. Even if…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Spending A Day In Hunting

    Some people think spending a day in the woods is relaxing and peaceful. I used to think that as well, until I went turkey hunting. Spending a day in the woods hunting with my brothers was frustrating, hard, and aggravating all at the same time because of the mistakes I made. It was a life changing experience. Hunting will get your blood pumping and your heart racing you’ll end up wanting to go turkey hunting more than you ever thought you would. You might think it’s a little insane to wake up at…

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