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  • Father Son Relationship In Vietnamerica

    this decision during an action-to-action panel transition which is a transition “featuring a single subject in distinct action-to-action progression” (McCloud 70). This panel is split with an abnormal looking gutter. This gutter is jagged unlike the straight frames in most of the other panels in Vietnamerica, and this unorthodox frame shows how difficult this decision was for Huu Nghiep. However, he is adamant about his decision, for he says “I said NO” in the last panel of the page (Tran 192). The use of all capital letters in the word “NO” strengthens the confidence in his decision (Tran 192). Also, by using closure, the reader is able to perceive that this statement interrupts the army man’s sentence because the placement of Huu Nghiep’s speech bubble intrudes the army man’s. This further validates Huu Nghiep’s persistence to protect his family, and it acts as one of the examples that led to a closer bond between Huu Traan and his father. Huu Traan illustrates this stronger connection with his past on page 205 when Gia-Bao asks about his trip to Vietnam. The page begins with a subject-to-subject panel transition which is a type of transition that “takes us from…

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  • Ten Balloon Persuasive Speech

    Have you ever thought about making a contraption that protects eggs when dropped from ten feet? This machine can consist of popsicles, a maximum of ten balloons, a raw and hard boiled egg, as well as dixie cups, a small plastic bag, and glue. As a machine can protect an egg breaking on the ground, so can machines protect rovers when landed on a planet. Through viewing this, you can find out what type of machine my partner and I will use for our very own egg drop, and where you would see it…

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  • The Black Balloon Informative Speech

    The most effective way to teach the students to take tolerance to the differences between them and people with disabilities is to give them evidence of this happening. An ideal demonstration of this is in the film ‘The Black Balloon’. This film is from the perspective of Thomas Mollison. Thomas is the younger brother of Charlie, a 17 year old boy who was born with autism. The film perfectly represents the mistreatment of those with disabilities and the difficulties and challenges faced to anyone…

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  • Charles D 'Ambrosio's The Point'

    From the start of Charles D’Ambrosio’s “The Point”, a surreal and symbolic tone is set forth as the protagonist Kurt awakens from a nightmare in the middle of the night. In this dream, Kurt attends a circus with his father, and they are both holding helium balloons. However, while Kurt’s balloon is tied around his finger, his father “ties his around a stringbean and lost it.” Although upon first reading this scene does not have context for the reader, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up With Water And Gas

    got out water balloon and bopper balloons , they started to fill them up with water. Jaylen and I were going to walk to our grandpa and grandma’s camper to ask for the gator keys , but they were laying out on the table in front of the camper so we grab them. Afterwards we got into the gator and started it and went off with it. We all got 3 buckets full of water balloon and bopper balloon , Ross got out to open the gate, then he jump back in the gator after got we got in there , I had to jump out…

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  • Water Balloon Pops

    a photograph of a water balloon popping. Photography is a way of art because it can capture people, objects, scenes, etc, in a photograph. One photograph can say a lot about something. As for my photo, it does not have a universal message but it says something about how I like to see things. I like to capture objects that someone wouldn 't usually see by just looking with their eyes, like a water balloon popping. You can see it happen but not the form and how it really looks because it happens…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Perfect Day In High School

    onto the thick deep layer of the water as my clothes soaked with layers and layers of water. Rapidly getting off the ride as we sprinted across the park heading to the bus which was waiting for reckless and tired children. Stepped out of the bus and made my way to the classroom to pack up my stuff, I could say that this by far was one of the best days of my life. Recalling all the great moments we all had made with our exceptional, funny, enthusiastic teachers who truly added a little sparkle…

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  • Children On The Stand Error

    his hot air balloon, looking for his lost toy. The children are asked to pay attention to a video and as long as everyone is paying attention and behaving they all get a reward at the end. The animation is roughly 10 minutes long. The goal is that the children will be asked to remember major key details about the video in a neutral setting 3 days after watching the animation and short interview after. The parent and stranger will both ask the same questions and follow the same script. A…

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  • Joe Rose Unreliable Narrator

    McEwan designs the accident as a ‘frame-story’, therefore creating a foundation for the remainder of the plot to stem from. Joe begins his recount of the hot air balloon accident by stating that the events were ‘simple to mark’. This description of events seems to undermine the situation, therefore decreasing its overall importance. As the rest of the plot progresses, it becomes clear to the reader that Joe is ‘holding back, delaying the information’, implying that he is purposefully…

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  • The Use Of Language In Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    His use of rhetoric is enough to persuade his followers, incorporating both figures of speech and compositional techniques. By repeating “I Have a Dream” and other thematic phrases, he increases the rhetorical effect and emphasizes patterns. Figurative language highlights two important, yet distinct concepts. For example, he uses “lonely island of poverty” to describe racism and “vast ocean of material prosperity” to describe racial justice. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of proper language…

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