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  • Speed Reading Skills

    Speed reading is traditionally looked upon highly and is seen as a great skill in the academic and professional community. There is a relationship between reading speed and retention when one holds the assumption that reading faster is better (McLaughlin, 1969; Smith, 1975). The capability of reading faster is possible but the quality of retaining the information read is variable (McLaughlin, 1969). The average person reads 200-250 words per minute (WPM) for upper intermediate grades and 300-350 WPM for adults with 70-80% comprehension accuracy (Carver, 1983; Lauer, 2008; Louise & Lauer, 1959; Shore, 1968; Smith, 1975). The question that remains is if a fast reader is, in fact, a “good” reader. Simply put, a good reader should be able…

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  • Speed Limit Analysis

    he was going 55, the speed limit. “Yes, that's what I clocked you at. But that’s not the speed limit.” That’s when Monroe was informed that all the speed limits in Holland have been reduced to a maximum of 40 mph. Lucky for Monroe, the officer left him with a warning, and he was still able to get to school on time. This has been the story for many drivers across the Holland area. Unsuspecting drivers have taken to the roads without knowledge of the speed limit change only to see flashing…

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  • Roller Coaster Ride Essay

    pass each planet in the solar system while being forced up and over hills, loops, and turns. Riders will start on a hill reaching about 50 ft, reaching the most potential energy they will have on the entire ride. Following after that, they will plummet down the hill. As a consequence, they will experience the feeling of weightlessness, free fall, huge amounts of kinetic energy, and air resistance. The drop gives you an instantaneous speed of 56 miles per hour. This is also where you reach your…

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  • Analysis Of The Distance Vs. Time Graph

    difference is greater at a value of 0.42. Therefore, the velocity will also be at a larger amount. When plugged into the formula, the velocity is equal to 0.74 m/s, therefore supporting this analysis. In the result of this examination process, the maximum average velocity achieved is at 1.2 meters as elucidated before. The second graph of the velocity verse time diagram as to the distance verse time chart correspondingly shows the acceleration of the cart and the maximum speed achieved. This…

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  • Why Is Working Longer Hours Tending More Machines In Lyddie

    In the factory they make workers tend more machines to make more profit. Due to this Lyddie works longer and gets paid less. In the text it says “[Lyddie is working] longer hours, tending more machines.” Lyddie is working longer hours tending more machines. This is a good reason why Lyddie should signed the petition. Also the owners wanted to have more pocket money. They speeded up the looms to a devilish speed making it hard for workers to work and make cloth. In the text it says “[The looms]…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Streetcar Named Desire

    precious puppy and he would always give me the same answer. “No.” He would sweetly explain to me that our lives were too busy and I would have to wait until we could appropriately care for this animal. “Wait?” I don’t think my 6 year old self fully understood the concept of having to wait for this puppy that I wanted RIGHT NOW. As time went on and being the persistent person that I am, I did not let go of my dream of getting this sweet puppy and the anticipation was slowly building up to…

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  • Causes Of Accidents In Ga

    when seeing these statistics on car accident fatalities is how many of them could have been prevented? And if possible, what methods would be used to do so? Well, the purpose of this paper is to indicate the changes that would be made and how to try to change them. This will be accomplished through three points: one, making a mandatory driving class, this would raise awareness. Two, every Ga resident, regardless of age, must renew their license every year, reducing the risk of collision because…

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  • The Benefits Of The Internet

    The U.S is the known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet the U.S has one of the slowest and most expensive internet speeds. Japan, whose internet bandwidth averages 81 Megabytes per second (MBPS) is very cheap at $0.40 per MBPS compared to the pricey and slow internet speeds of the U.S at 15 MBPS for $5.66 per MBPS. That is almost six times slower and 14 times more expensive than Japan. There are many possible solutions ranging from expensive options such as…

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  • Crash Analysis Case Study Answers

    Crash Analysis: The analysis of crash in this case will look at the speed of the vehicles, braking and any line of sight issues. Conservation of Linear Momentum Speed analysis in this case is determined by the use of several speed equations. The first equation is the use of the formula Conservation Of Linear Momentum. (COLM) COLM requires knowledge of the vehicles weights, approach and departure angles and post collision speeds of the vehicles. The vehicle weights were determined in this…

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  • Constable Brain Brusse Analysis

    the thought in my head that I may need a little more experience with the Blackfoot culture in the area. My last session with the Traffic Unit I was with Constable Norman Smith again. First thing we did was go out to the highway to catch speeders coming into town from Fort McCloud. Smith pulled over a car that was speeding excessively (Nearly 40 kilometers over) and he gave them a regular speeding ticket, so I asked about it. He explained to me that the officer has the discretion to give a…

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