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  • Earth's Structure: A Qualitative Study

    earth’s structure. It was hypothesised that: older children will have a better scientific understanding of the structure of the earth compared to younger children, boys will have a better scientific understanding of the structure of the earth compared to girls, and younger children will construct different mental models of the earth compared to older children. The results of the study supported the first hypothesis as the older group had a substantially higher percentage of sphere model responses compared to the younger group. The results did not support the second hypothesis as the percentages of sphere model responses…

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  • The Importance Of Contronomy In Ancient Greek Astronomy

    developed fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. The formerly deficient range of information the ancient Greeks had, allowed an individual to become an expert in several fields whereas nowadays, there is a tendency for an individual to have an intensive knowledge in more a defined and rather limited field. One of the most influential theories the ancient Greeks had, was what was the centre of the universe. Contrary to what has been proven today, the ancient Greeks believed…

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  • The Four Elements In Hayy's Cosmology

    how interconnected the universe was. Hayy understands the world in a way that is similar to Copernicus and the rest of previous scientists. His theory of the world stemmed from developments that took place over 28 years in seven-year increments (Ibn Ṭufayl 1150, pg. 128). Hayy understood the world through the basis of the four elements including water, earth, air, and fire. His understanding of the four elements was that they could destroy the other. As an example, he included fire destroying…

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  • Pluto: A Dwarf Planet

    There is hope that Pluto crashes into enough of them that it gains mass and more gravity to grow and check off that final requirement of planets. In conclusion, Pluto may not be a planet now but will be in the future. Because of its size and ability to grow, Pluto is currently not classified as a regular planet. Pluto checks off two of the terms of being a planet. It orbits the Earth in a regular pattern, and it is also bigger than the minimum mass of being able to form a spherical shape.…

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  • Tycho Heliocentric Model Essay

    universe. The geocentric models such as the Greek Geocentric model portrays the earth in the center of the universe. The heliocentric models such as the Tycho Heliocentric Model displays the sun being more the center of the universe. Greek Geocentric Model In many ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks, the geocentric model was the predominant theory. An observation of this particular model was the stars, sun, moon, and planets circled around the earth once a day. In the 6th century…

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  • Astronomy: The Muggle World

    To me, astronomy is the study of the universe and everything in it. This includes the planets, moons, stars, comets, etc. The major difference found between Muggle astronomy and Wizarding astronomy is that the Muggle world has "laws" that explain what they see in the universe. The study of these laws of the universe in the Muggle world is called "physics". Although these laws do explain a vast majority of what the Muggles see on Earth and in the universe, it may not hold true in the Wizarding…

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  • What Is The Paragon Of Rushed Rhetorical Analysis

    (Hopefully, you didn 't notice that. Or, for that matter, this entire parenthetical.) For starters, Thomas Edison never invented the filament, but he simply made it famous. He was a great influence, like Louis Armstrong in the world of jazz, but never a direct catalyst of the lightbulb as he is proclaimed to be to this day. Of course, this so-called "viewpoint" is entirely false, and deserves no attention or regard whatsoever. This leads to the rightful questioning of whether the world is flat…

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  • Antiquated Greek Astronomy And Astrology Influence Essay

    One theory that was argued for a time was if the earth was a sphere. There was hypothesis that the earth was square. There were four corners and the mountains were at the edge, supporting the vault of the sky. However, Aristotle disagreed due to all the evidence he devised. He noticed the gradual disappearance of ships over the horizon, the tops of the sails disappearing last. There was also the shape of the curved shadows of the earth on the moon during eclipses and the variation of the star’s…

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  • Pluto Vs Dwarf Planets Essay

    mass’s in space which are neither planet nor natural satellite. More explicitly, they are a mass which, unlike a moon, orbit around the sun, and due to the pull and force of their self-gravity are of a sufficient mass that they form an almost rounded spherical shape however they are not of a sufficient size to gravitationally clear the neighbourhood around their orbit. (Williams, M) In comparison the definition of a planet, as defined by the International Astronomical Union in 2006 is “a…

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  • Characteristics Of A Dwarf Planet

    There is only one key difference between a planet and a Dwarf Planet. To answer the question of what a dwarf planet is we must realize what a dwarf planet is not. A planet is defined in three ways, 1. It is in orbit around a star, 2. It is spherical, 3. It is not a satellite, 4. It has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. A dwarf planet must follow steps 1, 2, and 3 however they do not follow number 4. To clear the neighborhood means to clear the area around its orbit. When they were…

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