Argumentative Essay On Flat Earth

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Flat Earth Essay The idea of a flat earth started in early Egypt and Mesopotamia and it spread around the world to other cultures until it slowly started to fade away. Although we have proof that the earth is an ellipsoid, there are some people that still believe that the earth is flat. Of course, they also have evidence on why they think they are right. Both theories make sense if you don’t think too much about it, they both have proof that seems reasonable. Religion plays a big role in most of the flat-heart believers mind. Some people see the Bible as a flawless source of truth. Even though it was written many years ago and we discovered countless new things since then. While the Bible doesn’t directly say that the earth …show more content…
You observe as far as your eyes can see. Then, standing in higher ground, you look again at the horizon. By doing so you can notice that the higher up you are the farther you will see. Even if you would have a completely clear landscape you would see much farther from greater height than you would on the ground. This is caused by the curvature of the Earth as well, and would not happen if the Earth was flat. Both sides have good and bad points. The evidence on why the Earth is flat seems to be based on evidence from years ago, when we didn’t know much about the planet we live in. Proof on why the earth is not flat comes from more recent studies. As more things are being discovered we are have more scientific explanations to explain other things. Recent evidence is more believable than old evidence. Maybe NASA’s pictures of the earth are all a bit different because throughout the years we were able to enhance our cameras. The pictures are not being taken with the same camera so of course they don’t look the same. Also, by observing the other planets it would make more sense if the Earth, a planet, had something in common with them. If the other planets are not flat why would our planet be flat? But then again some of the same people who believe that the Earth is flat probably think that the moon and the sun are painted on the

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