Similarities Between Genesis 1 And 2

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The origins of the earth have been in debate for as long as humans have been alive. A long time ago, people just agreed that God created earth. Some disagreed, but it seemed to be a common thought. Nowadays, this outlook has changed and many more people believe that the earth was created differently. Genesis 1 and 2 explain how the earth was created in terms of the bible, but there are many different interpretations and understandings of the actual origins of the universe.
Genesis chapter one starts in the beginning. The only thing that existed in the beginning was God. Chapter one describes the six days of creation. No one is sure of how the six days were measured by. The account of creation goes into detail of what was created each day and how it was created. After each day, God said that his creation was good. Knowing that God is perfect and He believed His creation was good, makes man believe that creation was perfect and sinless. But as a result of man’s sin, the world God created was ruined and became full of sin. God intended for this chapter to be included in the Bible so man could understand who created the world and how it came into being. Genesis chapter one gives man a clear vision that God did create the universe and it shows how God created it.
In Genesis Chapter 2, God rests on the seventh day and declared it holy because he was finished completing heaven and earth. There was no trees or plants yet, and He had not sent rain because there was no man to care for them. He then formed a man from the dust of
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While many do believe that the Bible’s accounts are literal and true, many others believe that the earth is ancient. Understanding the origin according to the bible is also The universe is still a mystery to the people on earth no matter what background someone comes from or what someone

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