Third Grade Argumentative Essay

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Topic: Spelling
Lesson: Third Grade Spelling
Big Idea:
Spelling gives students the ability to understand how to spell correctly and a strategy for memorizing spelling words.
1.2.3.F Determining the meaning of words/phrases as they are used in grade level texts
ELP.1.L.1-3.1 Follow oral simple directions with visuals or nonvisual support
The students will be able to recognize and read grade-appropriate spelling words.
The students will be able to spell ten words correct with 90% accuracy.
Essential Questions:
How can spelling help with reading?
What are some helpful spelling strategies?
Why is it important to use correct spelling?
• Paper
• PowerPoint
• Promethean Board
• Computer
• Spelling Bingo Worksheet
• Circle Chips
• Pencil
• List of words
• Hat
• Index finger
• Floating
• Spelling
UDL Considerations:
Level 1: Some accommodations/adaptations I would make with the kids with ELL/ELP would be to have them watch a few times what I am asking the students to do then have them try. Also, I would print out the lesson PowerPoint so the student has a hand held copy. This way the student can follow along while teaching the class.
Level 3: Some accommodations would include going over one-on-one the lesson
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Today we are going to work on some spelling. When the student’s arrive have a few words on the board. This way the students know they will be working on Spelling. Before class begins, I will make sure I distribute the lesson plans for the students who need the extra help to follow along and know what we will be doing in class. Once the students get settled, I will pull up on the Promethean Board the PowerPoint lesson on Spelling. Displayed on the PowerPoint will include; the definition and concept of Spelling, some strategies of ways to be a better speller, words listed at the end for the students to say aloud as a group and eventually

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