My Argument Essay: What I Learned In My Writing Class

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Since starting this class I have noticed how much I write. I journal at least once a week, I’ve had assignments of all kinds that I’ve had papers for, and I spend a great deal of my time on my phone answering messages. I tried my best to get an A in this class, even though I got sick often, and my attendance was poor on the worst days. I tried to participate even when I wasn’t there; for example, I was messaging Garrett argument ideas through Facebook while I as in bed sick. This was one of my favorite classes this semester.
My writing has changed; it is easier to write a couple pages and the not be so afraid of writing papers. This is because of the amount I’ve been writing for the class, and how comfortable I was to be able to speak my mind to you. These two pages didn’t faze me. I’ve started not caring so much about what others think about my papers and caring more about how I feel about my papers, as long as I feel like I’ve done a decent job with my paper I feel accomplished enough to turn them in and hope for the best.
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Shocker, isn’t it? I had fun with that assignment, which helped me stay engaged with the writing and I learned more. I didn’t know how to cite sources properly before that. I didn’t know how to write a personal interview in a paper. When it came to my papers I tried my best to have fun with them; I become distracted easily and if I don’t have something I enjoy for a topic I put it off for longer than is beneficial for me. That paper did end up being a bit choppy, though I did my best to make it not choppy, I added sentences in between each paragraph to try to make it flow. I tried to change my thesis to cover more ground so the reader would know what to expect and so they could follow along. That is one trait that I know about myself, though, I am a choppy writer. Making words and paragraphs flow isn’t my strong

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